Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe Collection Glitter Nail Polishes (Pictures, Swatches, Review)

Here is Color Club's "Beyond The Mistletoe" Holiday Glitter Collection!  This set comes with 6 glitters (and 1 topcoat).  4 of the 6 have a beautiful holographic quality to them!

For each of these, I did 3 layers (unless otherwise noted) and I tried to get a 'flash' photo plus a 'natural' light one for each.

First up is Sugarplum Fairy, a light lavender glitter with holo pieces:

Next is Candy Cane, a pink glitter (one of the two non-holo's):

Beyond The Mistletoe is a light baby blue glitter with a lovely holographic effect:

Jingle Jangle- a medium blue glitter ...not holographic, but still beautiful:

Gingerbread is my favorite! (I have a soft spot for gingerbread men)  A very festive gold glitter that looks like it is on fire in the right light:

Holiday Splendor was different because it was the only one that had a tinted base, not a clear like all of the others.  I only needed 2 layers of this.  It was my second favorite!!

This set is very "Holiday" and if you aren't in a festive mood yet, these will bring you there!


  1. Great review. Thank-you :)

  2. I just got this set the other day! I can't find the sets in Indiana easily so my friend got them for me at Ross and sent me this one and the Foiled collection. I love them! My favorite one is Holiday Splendor. Green Jelly = LOVE <3

  3. Oh God they're all so pretty! Thank you for the wonderful swatches!

  4. Gahhhh! They're all so incredibly festive! Now you've got me planning my Christmas menu, lol! Seriously, while I'm starting to shy away from glitters, I can't resist holos, and your swatches make a great case for picking these up! xox

  5. These are renamed polishes that were previously released under the Funky Fingers brand, which is owned by the same company as Color Club. I bought several of them this summer at a local Five Below store ( I live in New England).
    CC Beyond the Mistletoe = FF Baby Baby Baby
    CC Sugarplum Fairy = FF Sand & Stilettos
    CC Gingerbread = FF Golden Coast
    CC Holiday Splendor = FF Blitzen
    I don't know if Jingle Jangle or Candy Cane have dupes or not.