Color Club "Foiled" Nail Polish Collection (Pictures, Swatches, Review)

Here is another new nail polish collection from Color Club!  Foiled consists of 6 foil nail colors.  I tend to want to run in the opposite direction when I hear "foil nail polish", mainly because I hate the way the apply.  I usually find them to be streaky and weird, but these were a pleasant surprise, and applied smoothly.  Another thing about this type of polish- it shows EVERY imperfection on your nail.  My nails have been peeling BADLY, and these did nothing to cover that up.  Try to ignore that part in my pictures!

Onto the polish...

Perfect Mol-ten is a mint green foil:

Antiquated was my favorite; a soft gold foil:

Cold Metal is a medium blue foil and is super pretty:

Hot Like Lava was my second favorite.  I like the name too :D  It's a hot pink foil:

Foil Me Once is a light pink foil:

Lumin-Icent is an ice blue foil that borders on silver:

I was really surprised by how much I liked these.  They have great formulations and the color range is fun.  What are your feelings towards foil polish?  I think I would have *LOVED* these if my nails were in better shape and not peeling!


  1. I've changed my mind lately about foils, I never really liked them, but after seeing so many beautiful foils around blogland they have really grown on me! I think Antiquated is my fave also.

  2. Ok, first of all, your nails still manage to look gorgeous - any peeling notwithstanding! Secondly, how weird is it that we both post a "foil" polish today?! My favourite of the six here, is hands down 'Lumin-Icent' - love that Ice Queen flavour of it!!

  3. My favorite is the gold as well!

  4. OOOh I love this collection!! Your nails look fine! I think your swatches are great!! XOXO

  5. Super pretty! I haven't opened mine yet but now you make me want to paint my nails with them. I agree, Antiquated is gorgeous! New follower here, love your blog!

  6. I love foil polishes! I think your pictures look great!

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    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. Hi! WHere are you? I miss your blog posts!

  8. Hi iLadybird!! We moved cross country last weekend, so I am in a hotel right now! I'm hoping to do some posts this week though :)