Essie Dive Bar Collection: Trophy Wife Nail Polish Pictures, Swatches, Review

Essie has a "new" collection of polishes out that are a mix of previously released polishes.  According to my beauty supply catalog, this is their "New Year's Eve Metallics" display and includes Dive Bar, Jamaica Me Crazy, Over The Top, Steeling The Scene, Sexy Divide, and the one I'm wearing today, Trophy Wife.

This is a "deep teal pearl" according to Essie.  It is a really pretty metallic, with a fine shimmer of brighter turquoise mixed in.  I loved that this was not streaky whatsoever, a typical problem with this type of polish.  Nothing but smoothness here!  This was just 2 layers:

 With the flash, you can see all the bright shimmer:
 With no flash, 'Trophy' takes on a darker personality:

As you may know, besides nudes/neutrals, teals are my favorite color category.  I love this and can't believe I waited this long to try it. I'm glad the new display sparked my interest!


  1. When I posted about Dive Bar earlier this Summer, I was intending to compare it to Trophy Wife, but it somehow got lost in the shuffle! Thanks for reminding me to dust it off and give it a whirl....looks so, so good on you! You really do know what suits you!!!

  2. lol, you have to stop by my blog...we are twinsies:)