Fab Franken Friday

Today I am wearing another polish made for me by my dear friend Jessi!  She knows how much I LOVE my nude polishes, and put special attention into this one.  It is PERFECT!  She mixed up a creamy nude and added holo-powder to it!  This is exactly what I wanted Butter London's Yummy Mummy to look like on me (it didn't).

Sugh (sigh +  ugh?).  Oregon is not the place to be when you want to take great pictures of holographic nails! We are actually moving back East soon, and the first thing I thought of was, "maybe I will get some sun to take good polish pictures with?".  Am I obsessed, or what?  :D  You can see a glimpse of the beautiful holo-y-ness on my pointer finger and in the bottle in this pic: (click to make larger)
In "regular", indoor lighting, you can see the pretty silver shimmer:

This color suits me to a "T"!  I am seriously enamoured with this polish. My pal took all of  my favorite things and smooshed them into one perfect little bottle. Jessi, you are the best!!!


  1. Gorgeous! I am having a horrible time making light colored holo's. They always turn gray.

  2. Chels, she told me she had the same issue...she wanted it to be lighter, but the powder was turning it darker! I love the end result though!

  3. GAHHHH! I love this one! Thanks to you, I'm now officially a "nude-a-holic" and am scooping these shades up whenever I see them, lol! I love how subtle this is, but there's a bit of an edge to it as well....so original!

  4. I know it sounds bad but I am a nude girl too !! I love the twist of holo that makes it interesting.
    Rachel just swatched Hail to the Queen Butter London and I am loving that too its a nudish warmish color with holo. I must have it!!!
    You are the Nude Diva!! Wow that sounds racy too!