Hedy's ma.nish.ma. Holographic Nail Polish Plus LA Girl Glitter Addict in Eutopia

I picked up this nail polish at Rite Aid a little bit ago. The bottle says "Hedy's ma.nish.ma Holographic Nail Color", however- this really doesn't classify as a holographic polish at all in my book.  Don't you think there should be a law prohibiting companies from labeling polishes as "holographic" if they really aren't? (I'm looking at you, Essence!)  This one is named Blaster, and is still really pretty, although extrememly sheer.  It is a sort of light lavender purple with a light blue duochrome effect.  I refuse to do more than 3 layers of polish, so that is all I did here.  You can still see my nail line very much:

Next, I did 1 layer of LA Girl Glitter Addict in Eutopia on top.  This is a dark blue-ish/purple glitter that has small pieces mixed with larger hexagon pieces in a clear base.  LOVE this, as I do all Glitter Addict polishes!

Glitter Addict made me less mad about my non-holographic holographic polish.
There you have it, my nails for today.  How do we get a holographic nail polish labeling law put into place? ;-)


  1. What a bizarre name to that brand! That being said, the colour, while sheer, is actually really pretty! Maybe there are some very tiny holographic particles (dust?) in there, but you're right - talk about misleading! Still, I can totally see that layered over a dark creme and it will no doubt look fab...especially on you!

  2. I like it MUCH better with the glitter on top. Not impressed with the sheer nature of that polish OR at the name Holographic. Liars!

  3. I have got to get me some of those Glitter Addict polishes! I was very annoyed with those so-called "holographic" polishes--I'm not sure if they thought since Essence did it it was okay or what.

  4. Eugenia, I must try layering this! You are so right :)

    Chels, sheer = sad ;-)

    KarenD, I swear, these companies know that crazy addicts like us will buy anything that says "holographic". I could clearly see in the bottle at the store that this didn't seem to add up, yet I still purchased it with high hopes ;)

  5. Let's see the sheer holo over a silver polish! And the glitter one over a hot pink would look fantastic!

  6. Ohh I need some of those glitter addict polishes! Or all of them!