Polish Comparison: Wet N Wild Coloricon "Diamond In The Rough" VS Nails Inc "Sloane Square"

It so happens that the only "Nails Inc" nail polish that I owned reminded me of one from Wet N Wild's "Ice Baby"  Limited Edition collection.  I picked up the Wet N Wild to do a side by side comparison...here is "Sloane Square" VS "Diamond In The Rough":

In the bottle you can see that they are both similar charcoal gray bases with holographic glitter.

 On the nail, they are extremely similar:

If I had to find a difference, I would say that "Diamond In The Rough" (the Wet N Wild one) is a tad darker than "Sloane Square".  Other than that, they are close enough to be called duplicates of each other.  I slightly favor the Wet N Wild one because I found the Nails Inc to have a really strong chemical smell....extremely pungent and still smells even after it has dried.  Plus, Nails Inc will run you $9.50 at Sephora.....Wet N Wild retails for $2.99, but Walgreen's has a coupon for a dollar off, leaving your wallet on $1.99 lighter :)

Both of them dried extremely rough, even after topcoat was used.  I used my favorite method for removal (no, not peeling....although I contemplated it)- painting another layer of topcoat over it right before removal, letting it sit for 10 seconds, then swiping off (with much pressure) with PURE acetone on a big cotton ball.  I did find the Nails Inc polish to be slightly easier to remove.

What do you think?  Close enough?  I love how these polishes look, but I absolutely dislike that gritty, sharp feel of them once they've dried :/


  1. Gorgeous!! Where did you find the coupon?
    Thanks for the comparison! I have the wNw one, so I am all set :)

  2. AllThatIsGOrgeous...thanks! The clerk in the "beauty dept" in Walgreens told me about the coupon...it's one that they scan at the register! I think it's good for the entire month, so if your in Walgreen's again, ask the beauty dept for it.

  3. Close enough? I'd say so!! They look identical....and both are so gorgeous! Perfect for New Year's, wouldn't you say? Even though I'm like a magpie attracted to all things shiny, I always dread the glitter removal *shudder*, but for the sake of something as glamourous as this, I'm in! Gorgeous swatches, Maribeth!! xox

  4. Eugenia, You are SO right- perfect for New Year's!! I am so with you on the magpie reference....it could be the most pain in the rear polish to apply/wear/remove-if it sparkles, I'm still there!! <3

  5. I love this new Ice baby Collection so much! Definitely not going to buy the nails Inc dupes since the WnW ones are so much easier to find and so much more affordable.

  6. Those do look super similar. I also noticed Sally Hansen Gem Crush Glitz Gal is super similar. I compared the two and couldn't find a difference. That post goes up in a few days, but I didn't realize there was ANOTHER similar polish out there!