Polka Dot Manicure with CND Effects and a Quick Tutorial

For my nails today, I decided to do some polka dots.  This is basic nail art that is super easy to do....even for me :D

Here is what I used:

First I did 2 layers of CND's Pink Wishes Colour:

Then I used a toothpick to dip into OPI's Onyx.  Tip: I put a drop from the brush onto a paper towel that has been folded over a few times.  Then, I dip my toothpick in and WAIT.  Letting the polish dry for a second, THEN going back and getting more polish right before you dot gives you a better, rounder "dot effect" :
I then dotted Onyx all over in random spots. Fact: I am actually horrible at "randomizing" the dots...I think too much about where I am placing them!

Then, with a new toothpick, I went back over the black with several different CND Effects.  I used Teal Sparkle, Raspberry Sparkle, and Pink Wishes Pearl; each spot got a different "effect":

 You can really see the Teal Sparkle in this pic:

Easy enough?  The color combinations are endless!  What would you pair together?  I'm thinking of doing a "Thanksgiving" color-themed version of this soon....browns, oranges, and yellows!


  1. That is amazing! So simple, yet the final product looks like it took more work. Love it!

  2. I need some CND polishes. This turned out great! I am horrible at randomizing dots too lol.

  3. jess...thanks! I'm glad you like it!

    Chels...you truly need some CND's. My fav :) Why do our brains suck at randomization??

  4. Definitely do a Thanksgiving version with Julep Olivia as a base, a bright red color as the polka dots, and yellow, orange, and green color effects on top! I would really love to see that!!!