Wet N Wild Ice Baby Collection "24 Carats" Glitter Nail Polish (Pictures, Swatches, Review)

If you are a nail polish fiend like me, or a frequent polish blog reader, I'm sure by now you've seen 1,000 pictures of the new Wet N Wild Ice Baby Collection (exclusive to Walgreen's).  Well, here is another one :D

This is 24 Carats, a mixed of small glitter mixed with bar glitter in different gold and copper tones.  While this is mostly gold, I love that the copper is thrown in there too; it really makes it super wearable for every skin tone:

This was 3 layers of polish and it covered pretty completely.  It dries slightly scratchy :/ but isn't the worst glitter I've worn.  I will put up with it since it is extremely pretty!

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