Essie Luxeffects: A Cut Above Nail Polish PLUS a Question; Anyone from New Jersey?

Hey there!  How's things?  I've been neglecting my nails for the past 2 weeks (and in turn, neglecting my blog!)  because we were/are in the process of moving from Oregon to New Jersey!  I'm originally from Massachusetts, and this is our 2nd cross-country move in the past 14 months or so.  You should have seen my hands after juggling all of our luggage/kids/strollers/car seats through several airports last week.  Yeah, not a pretty sight!  The worst part?  My entire nail polish collection is somewhere in storage (including my new holiday polishes that I had yet to try).  I'm in a hotel with no nail polish, so what's one to do?  Go out exploring and see what NJ beauty stores have to offer!  Today I picked up one of the glitters from Essie's new 'Luxeffects' holiday collection.  I wanted all of them, but many seemed similar to other glitters I own (Nubar 2010 and some of the CND Effects come to mind).  I grabbed A Cut Above, which is a pink glitter in a clear base.  The glitter chunks range from micro to larger hex.  This is only one layer done over one coat of OPI's 'So Many Clowns, So Little Time':

I love that Essie is doing glitter. Athough they aren't extremely different from many others, they are still cool!

So, more on moving...the week before we left Portland, we drove up to look at the Pacific coast one last time...here are a few pics:

First we stopped in Astoria (where the movie "Goonies" was filmed, btw) and got to see the Columbia River up close:

One of the tunnels we went though on our drive...love this:

We also went to Cannon Beach and took pictures of Haystack Rock.  Although it looks like it was dark out in this pic, it was really mid-day.  The fog on the beach was playing tricks on my camera....I love the effect it had:

Exactly 2 weeks later, I found myself standing on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, more specifically, the Jersey Shore!

So...anyone from NJ?  I like it here so far, and I love being able to drive home to Mass and visit our families! I do miss Oregon terribly though...in the year that we were there, I really fell in love with it.  I look forward to going back to visit!


  1. I live in Jersey!!! Welcome:] I hope you like it! If you need anything, feel free to email me: sarahsnailblog@gmail.com :] what part of Jersey are you in??

  2. I'm from NYC, but I went to high school in NJ, lots of my family lives in NJ, and all my friends are from NJ. I really hope you're enjoying it as much as I did when I was there! The only thing I don't like are the jughandles for turns...as a NY driver, those make me crazy. But otherwise, it's a pretty friendly place. All the best on your move!

  3. Not from NJ but I am from MA, what part are you from?

  4. Hey Sarah! We are still looking for a place, but we are in the Holmdel area right now (still not sure if that's considered Jersey Shore, Central Jersey, or both!) Are you anywhere near here?

    Amanda (#1); OMGZ- the jughandles and Uturns are INSANE! THank god for GPS or I would be having a nervous breakdown trying to find my way around! Seriously, what did we do before navigation systems?

    Amanda (#2); I grew up in Lowell, MA and my husband is from western MA. How about you? :)

  5. Maribeth...congrats on surviving the move! YAY - you're that much closer to me now, so we can finally plan that get-together!! I can only imagine how frustrating it is to not have access to your lacquer, but now you have an excuse to head out and scope what's new (I'm enabling again...lol!) Your Oregon photos are absolutely STUNNING! Seriously, they are like works of art and you had me almost in tears thinking of how much you will miss that pristine state (us crabs are notorious for not being able to let go, right?!) Well, good to have you back and can't wait to hear all the gory details of the move! xox

  6. I'm currently at school in Rutgers New Brunswick, so like 50 minutes away:] My housemate lives so close to Holmdel! She considers it more Jersey Shore, if that helps haha;]

  7. I'm from Western MA! What a small world!

  8. Sarah, so cool! And yes, thanks for clarifying that it's the Shore ;-)

    Amanda- too weird! Know what was really strange? When I went to parent/teacher night for my oldest son while living in Oregon, we discovered that his teacher was from Western MA too! What are the chances that she grew up a town over from my husband (and she was about our age too..freaky)and was now living and teaching in Portland? Small world indeed!

    iLadybird- are you kidding??????!! NO wonder why I like so much ;-) Which part are you in?

  9. How bizarre! Someday we'll have to talk further :)

  10. OMGoodness! You ended up moving! I hope everything went smoothly for you guys. You know I don't live in Jersey but I bet you are going to make a ton of great friends and end up loving it. The pictures were wonderful btw.

  11. I dont want to disclose my exact location, but im in the Morris-Essex-Union county area. You?