Color Club Sugar Baby Nail Polish with Nubar White Polka Dots (aka Trying to Squelch My Lynnderella Snow Angel Yearning)

I wore a Color Club polish named "Sugar Baby" today and fell instantly in love with it.  It is a milky, jelly, sheer white with a super subtle shimmer to it.  It reminds me a lot of Essie's Allure, except Sugar Baby has that shimmer:

Now here is the second part of my story: ever since laying my eyes on Lynnderella Snow Angel, I've been wanting it in a BAD way.  Since I have a better chance at hitting the lottery than owning one anytime soon (ok, I'm being slightly dramatic, but really- they are hard to come by) I've been trying to attempt to duplicate the simple white on white glitter (but not really sparkly) look.  I decided to try Nubar White Polka Dot on top of Sugar Baby:
  To some, this may be the most boring manicure in the world....to me, it's love:

I like how this turned out, however I still have the desire burning full force for Snow Angel!  Maybe if I had more patience, I could build up more layers of White Polka Dot..

What do you think of these polishes?  Have you tried any of the elusive Lynnderellas?


  1. It's a cute, understated, every day look! :D

  2. beautiful! it's so delicate and pretty:]

  3. LOVE this!! Love the neutral color and the sparkles make it adorable!