Essie Navigate Her Spring 2012 Collection: Swatches, Pictures, Review

Yay!  I finally got my hands on the new Spring  Essies! I love that these collections are only 6 colors- that way, I do not feel bad buying the entire set.

I picked up the mini cube plus the 2 full sized others...this worked out well because the colors I was most excited about ended up being the full sized ones!

First is "To Buy Or Not To Buy", a pastel lavender.  In the bottle, there is an ever so sneaky purple shimmer that excited me very much. To my dismay, this does not translate onto the nail, but it does add softness to this polish, ensuring it's not too chalky:

The formula was very nice- I did 3 coats here:

Next is "Ole` Caliente", a fiery bright red creme that leans to the pink side:

This was 2 layers; I can totally see this as the perfect Spring pedicure color:

Then we have "Navigate Her", a fresh springy green creme:

There was zero streaking on this one, which is fabulous for a pastel!  2 layers:

Here is "Tour De Finance", a hot pink, violet-blue flashing shimmer:

This was 2 layers as well:

Here is a HOT looking color; "Orange, It's Obvious" is a spicy tangerine shade.:

 This was a ONE coater!  I can't wait to put this on my toes as well:

And lastly, I saved my favorite- "A Crewed Interest" is a sweet, creamy peach shade.  I am SO in love with this!

The perfect Spring neutral! 2 layers on this one as well:

I love Essie.  Their polishes are always on point.  I even love their bottles, which remind me of a hard piece of candy for some reason :D  The mini-cube sets are a great way to try out some of these! Are any of them calling your name?


  1. I can't wait to get my hands on these! I want to buy or not to buy, navigate her, orange it's obvious, and a crewed interest the most

  2. Nice colors! I love A Crewed Interest!

    1. I could not wait to try 'A Crewed..'...now I want to layer EVERYTHING over it ;)

  3. Great swatches! That orange color is just begging to be used on some toes! Where do you get the box set? I haven't seen those before.

    1. Hey Kaki! If you have an Ulta nearby, they usually have the boxed minis; salons that carry Essie may have them also!

  4. I just KNEW that these would so totally suit you! And 'A Crewed Interest' looks absolutely amazing on your skin tone! It's always a nice bonus when a colour we love also works to be a one-coater, am I right? Sure saves time when you're racing to do your nails!! Fab swatches, my friend!

  5. Orange, It's Obvious is soosososoo gorgeous!