New Julep Nail Polishes: Maya, Maria, Megan, and Leah Pictures, Swatches, and Review

I recently ordered 4 of Julep's newest colors- I believe these are for Spring, as they are very 'Spring-y' :D

Here are some pics:

First I tried 'Megan', described by Julep as playful and sultry Mediterranean aquamarine shimmer. This was surprisingly sheer, so I needed 3 coats.  Well worth it though, this is a super easy to wear blue that is perfect for Spring:

Next, 'Maria', which is "shimmering platinum rose".  Perfect description!  This is a metallic polish and very full coverage.  You can almost get away with just one layer (I did do 2 here though):

 Here, with no flash, you can see how highly reflective and mirror-like this is:

Next up is 'Leah' which they say is "vivid and refreshing grass green with a hint of shimmer".  I looked online before ordering this and I thought for sure that Leah was a creme.  She definitely does have a sparkle to her:

Lastly is 'Maya'.  I wanted her the most.  Julep says she is "peachy pink seashell".  Again, that description is spot on- this looks almost like a pearl.  It looks a little crappy in my pictures because I had some glitter left over underneath (thought I got it all off!). So keep in mind that although some of my nails look lumpy, the formula was actually very smooth.  I thought the metallic ones would be brushstroke ridden, but they were not:

What do you think of these colors?  Have you tried Julep yet?  If you are interested in signing up to be a Julep Maven (polish boxes monthly), click my link here to find out more. You can use the code: NEWYEAR2012 to get your first box for only a penny!! I truly love the way their polishes apply and wear.


  1. Megan is a stunning teal, and you know me and my teal obsession, lol! Maria reminds me of a new release by Deborah Lippmann - they both seem to have that "Rolex" pink gold colour - love it! (although that shade looks horrific on me!). Leah is awesome and could possibly be a dead-on dupe for YSL's latest (part of Duo #7 - my review's coming up). Sadly, the one that attracted me the most was Maya, but mainly that's because those types of colours do not suit me at all; that being said, it looks fab on you! PS: love the new layout!! xox

    1. Eugenia, I can't wait to see your upcoming reviews! I really love all 4 of these and was super surprised that the metallics were so easy to wear. Thanks for noticing my new layout :) I'm trying to spruce things up a bit by simplifying!

  2. Oh wow!!! We are drooling over these colors!! Especially Maria and Maya. You are a BAD influence!! :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings