OPI Nicki Minaj Collection: Fly, Save Me, & Metallic 4 Life Nail Polish Pictures/Swatches

Today I have 3 of the polishes from OPI's new Nicki Minaj collection. I bought these weeks ago, and I've been itching to wear them.  Now that I'm mostly unpacked, I can focus on my polishes- yay!

There is also a  bubblegum pink, chartreuse green, and a purple shatter that rounds this collection out.  These were my 3 favs though:

 "Fly" is all of my favorite things wrapped in one package... first, if you know me, you know my obsession with teals and turquoises.  This is a creamy, robin's egg beauty. Second, this is my favorite type of polish finish... that jelly-creme hybrid that glides on effortlessly and dries pretty fast too.  Love at first swatch:

Next up is "Save Me", a holographic silver glitter explosion (2 layers shown):

I couldn't resist seeing what this would look like over 'Fly'...here is 1 layer on top:

And last we have "Metallic 4 Life".  I thought this would be just another black and sliver glitter combo, but I can't help but feel this one is different somehow. The black base is actually a jelly, and the polish is LOADED with silver glitter of all sizes, yet dries surprisingly smooth.  I was afraid this would be that scratchy type of glitter (think China Glaze "It's Alive" or "Material Girl") but it's not...it's extremely wearable:

I just couldn't bring myself to pick up the "Super Bass" shatter....I always regret buying the shatters since I only use them once.  I do want to get the other 2 cremes in the collection however...they are so perfect for Spring.

Do any of these jump out at you?  


  1. Love your choices, Maribeth and as always, fab swatches - you really show off "Fly" to perfection! Isn't it just the happiest colour? Especially with all the crappy weather we've had lately, it's nice to have that breath of blue!

  2. Metallic 4 Life is SO awesome <3.

  3. LOVING metallic 4 life!! it's amazing

  4. LOL "love at first swatch". My afvorite out of this collection is the holographic polish. I think it would go great over the silver I'm wearing irght now; Nicole by O.P.I.'s Svae me the 1st Dnace (or someting liksethat) !