Borghese "Menta" Rapido Nail Polish Pictures (Close Twin To Dior Waterlily!)

I have never owned a Borghese nail polish.  I've never seen a polish of theirs that would inspire me to pay $8+ for a drugstore brand, but I came across a set of Borghese polishes for $3 (the other polish was their fast dry topcoat)!  They were at a store called "Ocean State Job Lot" when I was in Massachusetts recently. I believe this store is only in New England- it's what I affectionately refer to as a "junk store". There are tons of different items there and they are pretty cheap. You can get anything from toys, to a roof rack for your car, to bottles of barbecue sauce.  I always skip right to the cosmetics and they always have odds and ends or discontinued items.  It's like a mini-treasure hunt! (They have a limited selection of Revlon polishes for $1.50 each too!). I picked this up because the color, "Menta", reminded me a lot of Dior's new polish, Waterlily.  A quick Google search when I got home proved that other people thought the same thing: here is a great comparison!  They are not EXACT but super close.  Plus, Dior polishes run about $23 each, and this one was basically $1.50 for me, so I am more than happy ;)

Color: A pastel green with a hint of mint shimmer.

Formula/Application: This polish is a little sheer and I used 3 layers here.  No problems with dry time since this is a "Rapido" polish (Fast dry).

Where To Buy: If you have an Ocean State Job Lot nearby, check them out- it will definitely be the cheapest way to get this color.  I get the feeling that not every one of their stores carries the same exact items, but I could be wrong since I've only ever been in one.  I believe most drugstores carry this brand and you can also find some on ebay!


  1. Whoa.....you're not kidding when you say they're super close! I think that perhaps the Dior may be a bit more opaque and not as minty-leaning as this, but honestly, the differences are negligible - the prices between them, aren't! Lol! Great score on finding this (don't you love it when that happens?)!

    1. I was hoping to get your thoughts on this since I first fell in love with Waterlily on your nails! :)

  2. wow they are close! annnnd a new *need* is created. Great swatches & thanks for the comp links.

  3. Such a pretty green!! Love it! As always amazing swatches!! xoxo

  4. Those are pretty dang close! I wan Waterlily but not sure if I want to pay $35 for a polish that smells like roses when I dislike floral scents. :P

    I have Milani Dressmaker so I'm thinking that I'll just stick with that one and call it a day. ;)

  5. This is such a gorgeous mint green and so cheap! That makes it even better! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings