Deborah Lippmann "Stairway To Heaven" Nail Polish Pictures/Review

Usually I am a polish-layering fool, but today I flipped the script and wore Deborah Lippmann's "Stairway To Heaven" by itself.  I was surprised when I first saw the bottle, because I had always assumed that the base was completely clear, but in actuality, it is a milky white.  The glitter inside is glowing and ethereal, which is perfectly fitting considering the name of this color  (BTW, I remember the first time I ever heard the song, "Stairway To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin- I was around 12 years old and at my cousin's house for a sleepover.  Is it weird that the memory of that is etched into my mind?  How can you not love that song?).  I wanted to see how opaque the milky base color of this was.  Turns out, not very much at all, but I still love it by itself for some reason. I couldn't narrow my picture choices down, so here are a bunch:


Color: Sheer milky white base with iridescent, mostly square glitter.  This reminds me of really pretty fish scales.

Formula/Application: This was surprisingly easy to put on- no 'fishing' or 'placing' of the glitter is required.  I used 2 layers here.  It dried to a nice, shiny, smooth finish.

Where To Buy:  I ordered mine from HSN.com (free, fast shipping).  Other etailers that carry this are Zappos.com and Barneys.com.


  1. You know what? I passed on this one when it came out, as it looked like a duplicate to China Glaze's 'Snow Globe', so I didn't see the point. After seeing yours watches, especially the closeup up bottle shots, I see how wrong I was! The glitter isn't all uniform in size and size, which makes this stand apart from the CG - and now your swatches have made me NEED to have this too! Oh yeah....I also grew up with Zeppelin & memorized all the words to this song!

  2. want! they are opening a lord and taylor next month and i might go bankrupt if they carry deborah lippmann.