My Guest Post Valentine's Day Manicure Plus Some Valentine's Day Ramblings

  Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?  I'm sort of on the fence for a few reasons.

 #1- I'd rather my husband shower me with affection every day of the year (hahaha).  But seriously, I'm one of those who always complains about how I don't want flowers on Valentines Day because it's so "typical", BUT- if I do end up with a bouquet, I melt in 2 seconds flat and change my mind.

 #2- Romance makes me laugh. I have an extremely weird sense of humor, and somehow find all things romantic to be hilarious. Overtly romantic (read-- cheesy) gestures in movies or shows make me uncomfortable.  Maybe because those always seem forced?  I still do adore any sort of 'love story' though, especially if it involves people growing old together. Do you know what I found romantic today?  My husband traveling to different grocery stores because I mentioned I wanted some Sourpatch Watermelon candy.  That, and he also spontaneously vacuumed the living room.  HOT! (and I am total serious!). I credit our similar, whacked, and yet complimentary senses of humor to the secret behind our marriage.  Laughter is a HUGE ingredient.

#3- I guess it would seem that I would be a Valentines Day fanatic since our wedding anniversary is the day after (February 15th).  But alas, it was more of a, "which dates do you have open in February?  Ok, cool....we'll take that one" sort of moment. Celebrating 9 years this week..where has the time gone?

So in other, more nail related news, I did my first guest post for Marisa, the Polish Vixen!  I did a pink and purple heart combo...check it out (and Marisa's posts...she has the best stamping combos EVER!) if you get a chance!

In conclusion, Happy Valentines Day  if you celebrate.  If you don't, keep rocking on....I feel you too ;-)


  1. Happy 9th Anniversary! Time flies when you are having fun! :-)
    How sweet that your hubby drove around looking for your candy and vacuumed? Love it! Sounds like what my husband would do as well.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. First of all, congrats on your first ever guest post! I read ever word and loved that combo you came up with - it looks so sweet! You & your nudes ... I just knew you'd scoop this one up, lol! Looks beautiful on you!
    Happy anniversary (for tomorrow!)....and many, many more years of health & love! Hugs! xox