OPI Holland Collection: "Pedal Faster Suzi!" Nail Polish Pictures

Today I wore my first color from OPI's Holland Collection, "Pedal Faster Suzi!" (I always have a fondness for exclamation points in a polish name).

"Pedal Faster Suzi!" is a very cool toned, pink-lavender polish with the type of shimmer that looks like bits of crushed, fine, sparkly glass.  This was 2 layers:

I found this to be a very wearable shade of pink, and the shimmer makes it so girly. It is appropriate enough for an office setting, yet still fun and 'Spring-y'.  I'll be wearing more of the Holland collection throughout the week!


  1. Peddle Faster Suzi! was a favorite for me from the holland collection.The fleck is gorgeous. It looks great next to your skin too.

    PS your cuticles are perfection.

    1. I thought for sure that some of the other, brighter shades would be my favorite, but I LOVE this! Thanks for the compliment! My cuticles are a work in progress ;-)