OPI "Stranger Tides", Sinful Colors "Pearl Harbor", My "Really!?" Moment Of The Week, Plus a Cautionary Tale About Not Giving Up On Your Nail Polish

Is the title of this post long enough :D  This starts off with some rambling, so if you're not in a rambles sort of mood, I would not be offended if you skipped to just the pictures ;)

Once in awhile (ok, more than that- very often) I get a color stuck in my head, and it will not go away until I fulfill the color prophecy.  I need to search and hunt the color down in order to quiet the voices in my head.  This week, that color was OPI's Stranger Tides, which lucky for me, is not hard to find (it came out last year in OPI's "Pirates Of The Caribbean" collection).  I found one at the store and felt that spark of happiness that only another nail polish hoarder could understand. I paid for my prize and began walking to my car and that's when something funny started hitting me.  "Have I tried this polish before?".  No.  No way...I would have remembered that, right?  Hmmm.  Well it was still nagging me but I figured I had to be mistaken.  I mean, I have every color in my collection categorized in my head.  I can tell you the names of all of them, where and  when I bought them, and even the last time I wore them.  No way I would forget a pastel sage creme beauty like "Stranger Tides".  I decided to look through my old posts and was shocked- I HAD owned this color at one time and traded it away!  What the-?  I've read about people buying the same color twice, forgetting that they already had it, but thought "that doesn't really happen".  Ha!  I was so wrong.  So my "cautionary tale" is this: don't be so quick to get rid of a polish!  In my original review of this I said, and I quote: "I have to confess, when I first started putting this on, I thought 'Eew'. " But I went on to say that it was "growing on me".  What the hell?  I am in love with this color today, and can't believe I ever thought otherwise!

Here is 2 layers of polish.  This creme is extremely well behaved and applies super smoothly with no streaks:

Natural light; no flash

Since I already reviewed this and didn't want to completely repeat myself, I added Sinful Colors "Pearl Harbor" glitter on top. This glitter is clear with green and turquoise flashes:

So, have you ever accidentally done a "re-run" polish purchase?  Or regretted getting rid of a color?


  1. I haven't had one of those moments yet, but I haven't gotten rid of any polish yet. That's my main fear! Wanting it back! Even if I have a dupe, what if I want to do a comparison post of all of them? Sigh. I'm never going to get my collection down to a reasonable level.

  2. I'm trying to think if I've ever accidentally doubled up on a particular polish, and while nothing comes to mind, something tells me that I may have (I'm guessing if anything, it was too long ago for me to still retain, lol!). Thank God you traded your original one away; this way, you don't wind up with 2 bottles of the same shade! I love the layering you did with it...as if Stranger Tides wasn't unique enough on its own, you've definitely taken it up a notch!

  3. I love all of the Pirates polishes, this one especially...and it looks great on you BTW!