Wet N Wild Megalast Nail Polish "I Need A Refresh-Mint", Nubar White Polka Dot, & Wet N Wild "Tangled In My Web" Glitter Layering

Hey, how's your Wednesday going?  Today, I did my nails using 3 different polishes- the first is one of those "new" Wet N Wild Megalast Polishes in the color "I Need A Refresh-mint", a minty turquoise creme:

If you haven't tried these yet (they are redesigned packaging) the new brush is very wide.  The first time I used it, I thought it was awkward.  Now that I have used a few and I'm getting used to them, I really, really love them!  You can almost get away with just doing one "swipe" of polish per nail-that's how wide it is!  

Next, I added Nubar "White Polka Dot".  Now, this is really not true white- it is more of a sheer, almost translucent, but not quite white-ish color.  I would have liked this to be more contrasting, but the turquoise proved to be to light to really bring out the White Polka Dot.  I still like it though:

Since I had a "black & white" glitter theme in my head, I then put one coat of Wet N Wild's "Tangled In My Web" over this.  'Tangled...' is a HUGE pain in the behind to get on.  The brush is scratchy, which then tries to scratch off the polish you are trying to layer over it.  Then the glitter is very unpredictable.  Some nails came out with tons of black glitter, and others hardly any (even though I was using the same technique for all!).  I may have to just order the Nubar "Black Polka Dot" since their formulas are fab.  Anyhoo, here is the outcome of all this blabbering:

I hate layering more than 2 polishes because it adds so much to the dry time, but once again, Seche Vite has impressed me with it's fast drying abilities!  That stuff is magic.


  1. i love this look! it's great:] black and white glitter are my favorite!

  2. Great look! I swear every time I see I need a refresh-mint on someone or myself I just love it a little more! haha It is such a pretty color =)

  3. I've been loving your mixed glitter manicures! They're so trendy! :D