Julep "Brooke" and Sinful Colors "Island Coral" Nail Polish (Pictures)

I went and bought yet another coral nail polish.  I realize I have a problem hoarding nail polish, but lately it's been more of a specialized kind of obsession.  I keep buying the same types of colors, specifically coral, turquoise, and nude.  I'm afraid that if I pass one by, it may be "The One", and I'll be lost without it in my life.  Dramatic, I know :D

Here is Sinful Colors "Island Coral" with Julep "Brooke" on top.  I've had Brooke for a few weeks and I haven't been sure what I wanted to layer her over. I decided today was THE day to break her out.

I started with 2 layers of "Island Coral":

One layer of "Brooke", a sheer purple base with pink, crushed glass style glitter, made this really juicy looking:

Where To Buy:  Sinful colors are available at Walgreen's, Target, and Harmon Beauty and are only $1.99.  I received Brooke at a discount as part of the Julep Maven program ($19.99/month for a box full of nail stuff!  You can also earn free boxes by referring others.  You can currently used the code: COLOR2012 to get your first box for 1 penny!  My sign up link: Julep.com.


  1. Oh my goodness that is gorgeous! I think I need Island coral in my life. I love the brooke too. I have been like you lately and so into coral colors!

  2. No worries, I'm the same way about coral polishes! This one looks great on you, I'm loving it with the Julep on top.

  3. Very pretty with the julep on top!

  4. Hahaha! I totally know what you mean: I'm always paranoid that I'll miss out on THE standout shade as well! As much as I love my brooding & moody shades, I confess that as the weather warms, I long for anything that reminds me of vacation/beach and lately, I've really been feeling the corals! Turquoise will always be my love for summer, however. What I like about this combo, is that you managed to jazz up the base shade without losing its warmth...another winner layering combo, my friend!