Julep Maven March Boho Glam Box Featuring "Portia" and "Alicia" Nail Polishes (Pictures)

As soon as I received the preview email for the Julep Maven March Box, I knew this was a month that I didn't want to skip!  I'm the "Boho Glam" category (which is determined by a style quiz when you sign up) and I always love the colors in these boxes!

This month's box came with "Alicia", a "sunny salmon perfect for beach pedicures" according to Julep, and a new glitter polish, "Portia" which is "sheer tropical blue with shimmery sparkles".  I love the combination of coral and blue, so I was intrigued by this duo.  This month's box also included a bottle of Julep's Elixir Organic Argan Oil, which I am going to try on my hair (you can use it for a moisturizer as well!).

Here is 2 layers of "Alicia":

Then one layer of "Portia" on top:

Color: "Alicia" is an almost neon coral; really wearable and definitely feels like Spring!  "Portia" is sheer tropical blue and when added to 'Alicia', toned her brightness down just a hair to make a beautiful, soft, sparkle-fest.

Application/Formula: Although I would not consider "Alicia" to be a pastel, expect her to apply like one. The first layer is streak prone, but everything balances out perfectly with a 2nd layer.  "Portia" is not too thick or thin, and applied great. Dries smoothly as well.

Where To Buy:  Julep!  You can use my link to sign up to be a Maven, if you feel inclined to do so :D (Mavens earn credits for referrals) Right now, you can sign up and get your first Maven Box for only 1 cent!  SO worth it! Use promo code: COLOR2012 at the checkout-Here you go:  Julep.com!

I also picked up the other new colors for Spring and will be posting those soon too, so check back!


  1. Portia has a total dupe in pure ice Once Again. Now I am ordering lots of pure ice online, since my walmart is totally ghetto! Yea, dupes. Boo Julep.

    1. I just googled it and they do look similar! I think Portia has a *teeny* bit more glow to the glitter particles, but that could just be the pictures I'm looking at. I got this box for only $4.99 after using a GC from Julep when a friend signed up, so I'm psyched!

  2. Portia is so gorgeous! I love how sweet and pretty it is on top of Alicia!

  3. Those are SO pretty!!! I skipped my month but wish I would of gotten this!!!

  4. I am a Julep Maven also. I have been mostly pleased and have no complaints. BUT, I didn't expect to find a dupe. Julep should put out polishes that the other companies copy ...

  5. I got the same box :) love the colors

  6. Wow, Portia looks gorgeous. I love the combination of both colors, super cute :) Xoxo, Christine♥

  7. You're right; Portia is absolutely perfect for summer! Just today, I picked up a similar hue from Dior and was thinking the same thing! When you combined these two together, it made me think that this looks like something Deborah Lippmann would come up with - fun & chic at the same time! I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the argan oil and how well it works...plus, you also got a cute nail file!!! PS: totally love the second photo of Portia!!!