Klean Color Pastel Orange and Holo Orange Nail Polish Pictures

Here are 2 more of my recent Klean Color acquisitions: "Pastel Orange" and "Holo Orange".

First, here is 2 layers of "Pastel Orange":

Then I did one layer of "Holo Orange" on top:

"Pastel Orange" reminds me of a creamsicle.  It is very neutral, yet still gives you a pop of color at the same time.  I love it!  "Holo Orange" (side note; I keep wanting to type 'Holor Orange'... not sure why!) is a sheer orange base that looks like a melted Popsicle, with fine glitter mixed throughout.  The glitter has what I would call a "mild to medium" grade of holographicness :)

"Pastel Orange" was fairly easy to apply.  Mildly streaky in the first coat, but well evened out with a second layer.  "Holo Orange" is a great consistency- not too thick or thin.

Where To Buy:
I found my Klean Colors on ebay!


  1. This looks amazing! I am so glad I also went with these two colors, I'll definitely be trying out this combination.

  2. You did it again: made me actually like glitter, lol! The base colour looks like a cross between Essie's A Crewed Interest, and Chanel's June...I wonder if you've found a less expensive alternative to either of those two hot shades? Gorgeous swatches, my friend!

  3. Love the combo! Very summery!

  4. this orange really looks stunning on you!! lovelovelove