Klean Color Silver Lining Nail Polish Over Zoya Marley- Pictures

Greetings!  Here is the combo I am wearing on my nails today: Klean Color "Silver Lining" over Zoya "Marley":

I started out with 2 layers of Zoya "Marley":

I then did 2 layers of "Silver Lining" on top:

Color:  Zoya "Marley" is one of my favorite lavenders EVER!  (Side note, I first blogged about her a year ago TODAY....what are the odds?).  Opaque in 2 coats, this creme polish actually has a super-fine micro shimmer mixed in that makes her so soft looking.  Beauteous!  Klean Color "Silver Lining" has a micro glitter silver base with larger purple hex shaped glitter mixed in.  I did 2 layers here because the hexes are not very abundant, and with only one coat it was not a great look.  

Formula/Application: "Marley" glides on really nicely, with no streaking.  "Silver Lining" is a tad on the thick side, and I didn't wait long enough between my 2 layers and it ended up getting kind of messy.  Pretty- but messy if you don't have patience  :)

Where To Buy: Zoyas can be purchased at Zoya.com and I ordered my Klean Colors from ebay.


  1. Yay for new Kleancolors! I can't wait til mine come in! And wow-this is beautiful. I don't think I got silver lining.. but I'm already planning a second haul from that same eBay seller (I am so bad!) so this will have to be included.

    1. Me too (planning 2nd haul)! It's a sickness :) Can't wait to see yours!

  2. Silver lining is so gorgeous! I love it! Btw, I totally understand the sickness of being addicted to buying nail polishes. I bought four today. Lol!

  3. Those are great together! I think I need to go Klean Color shopping soon. Luckily there's places that sell them around where I am.

  4. This is just so pretty, Maribeth! It'll make an absolutely perfect "Easter" mani, lol! I don't know how you think up all these fab combinations (plus you've been busy...I'm only now catching up on all your posts)!