LA Girl Glitter Addict "Nostalgic" and "Provocative" Nail Polish Pictures

I chose to wear these two glitter colors today in tribute to my beautiful Aunt, who passed away a year ago this week from ALS (also know as Lou Gehrig's Disease).  She was a beautiful person with a unique spirit that I have the urge to describe as whimsical.  She was a talented musician as well as an artist, and was known by everyone who knew her as someone who loved the colors purple and teal---together.  From her clothing to her makeup and even her home, these colors would show up again and again.  I was feeling uninspired tonight, and then I saw these two glitters sitting next to each other.  I automatically thought of her and knew I had to use them together.

I started out with one base layer of Essence's "Bloom-a-loom" (this came out last Spring):

Then I did one half of each nail with "Nostalgic" (teal glitter) and the other half with "Provocative" (purple glitter).  I LOVE these glitters and would like to own every single one of them!  A perfect mix of small and larger hex glitter:

I know my Auntie would approve :-)


  1. Both glitters are really pretty! Especially Nostalgic! I love it on top of that base color!!

  2. That looks really good. :) I was so lucky that the mailman brought the Nostalgic to my house yesterday. :D

    1. Yay! They are so awesome...I just love them (and the price..not bad at all!)