New Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Polish "Multi-Faceted" over OPI "Fly" (Pictures)

I needed to try "Multi-Faceted" today,  the other Sally Hansen Diamond Strength glitter that I picked up over the weekend (here is the other one, White Veil).  This glitter is a clear base with large black and silver hex glitter, plus some small clear-ish/iridescent blue and green glitters.

I wanted a bright base, so  first did 2 layers of OPI "Fly" (Nicki Minaj Collection).  This polish is sooooo perfect.  It is that fabulous creme/jelly hybrid formula that glides on so easily.  And shiny! SO shiny!

Then I did one layer of "Multi-Faceted" on top.  Side note:  These glitters have a clear brush that I found to be very helpful with the placement of the glitter.  You do have to be very conscious of how much clear polish vs. glitter you have on your brush for each nail.  If you wiggle too much, you could smudge up the base color.  The same thing happens if you keep brushing the same area, over and over, trying to place the glitter there.  At least with this clear brush, you can see if you need to dip back into the bottle, or if you have enough.

This glitter combo didn't exactly rock my world, but I still like it.
What do you think of this combo?


  1. That's a really really cool shade of turquoise!! I like that. :)

  2. Oh! I really like multi-faceted! I LIKED White Veil too.I didn't think I would like this one, but you can't really tell until you see it on the nail.Thank you for swatching it!