OPI NYC Ballet Soft Shades Nail Polish Pictures

Today I have 3 of the new OPI NYC Ballet Soft Shades!

First up is "You Callin' Me A Lyre?".  This is a warm, soft, pink color with a texture that is creamy, milky,  and jelly-ish at the same time.  These polishes are meant to be sheer and 'soft' (hence the name!).  I did 3 layers of polish here:

Then I did one layer of "Pirouette My Whistle" on top.  This glitter is fabulous!  Clear base, tiny silver sparkles and those white 'satin' hexes (these are popping up everywhere, and I love it!):

Here is 3 layers of "My Pointe Exactly" (Same creamy/milky/jelly texture going on here too). I could not wait to try this one and it did not disappoint!  A sheer gray? I certainly have nothing like it, and it definitely gives a new twist to a neutral, sheer polish:

Again, here is 1 layer of "Pirouette My Whistle" on top:


I always love neutral polishes that make your nails look 'clean'.  These do the job and are quite interesting as well.  They are ultra-shiny, and dry pretty quickly (considering all the layers!). There are a few other polishes in this collection that may need to be mine after all....

What do you think of these??


  1. Oooh...I was sure you'd jump all over this collection - so your style! I totally LOVE 'My Pointe Exactly' (been wearing it since Saturday), and you're so right; who would have thought that a sheer grey would work, but it sure does....and then some! Gorgeous swatches my friend (makes me want to break out my bottle of Pirouette My Whistle all over again!)

    1. I owe this purchase (hell, most of my purchases) to you and your review of these! I am even tinkering with the idea of buying the rest, even though I really don't NEED them!! YOUR FAULT!! ;) XOXOXO

  2. I was not impressed with these at first but you picked my favorites out of the group. Now, after seeing your swatches, I MUST have them! You have the most gorgeous nails and swatches!

  3. Ooooh girl! I love these! That gray jelly is to die for!

  4. These all look great on you! You have perfect nails! I'm jealous!!

  5. Love these!! Going to have to check Ulta soon to see if they have them!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings