Pink & Silver Striped Nails

There are 2 types of nail "art" that I will do: polka dots and stripes.  That's about as far as I usually go.  I was feeling stripey today!

My base color is Julep Penelope, a creamy pink that applies so smooth and covers completely in 2 layers:

Then I took a skinny striping brush and dipped it into Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Celeb City", a sparkly silver.  I placed the brush on one end and moved my nail (not the brush) to finish out the line.  I found this to be easier.  (There will be a little cleanup necessary, but it is minimal):

Pink & gray together are one of my most favorite color combos.   I am always looking for ways to wear more than one polish at a time (the reason I do so many "layered" manicures), and I love using these 2 together like this.  What do you think?  Do you have any other color combo recommendations?


  1. They look cool. I think I'll try that striping technique next time I'm in a stripy mood, thanks. :)

  2. What a beautiful color. I'm amazed that it only takes two coats! I just signed up for the Julep Maven box and I think I'm scheduled to get this color in my first one.

    1. Bethany, you will love this color! It is in my top 10 favorite polishes.

  3. Penelope is so pretty! I'd have thought that'd be a sheer color. Hmmm, may have to see if it shows up in any future boxes. The silver glitter stripes are the perfect accent so such a soft pink, too.

  4. I like Penelope! It's so subtle and pretty!!

  5. Great colour combination! So pretty and edgy all at once!