Sinful Colors Castaway Collection: Be Happy, Neptune, Pandora, and Zeus Nail Polish Pictures Plus Comparison

Sinful Colors has been receiving a ton of buzz lately with their recently released "Castaway" Collection.  I have 4 (out of the 8 total) to show you today!

Right away, I needed the turquoise creme, "Be Happy"!  Teals & turquoises rank among my favorite polishes ever.  As soon as I got home, I starting thinking- "I don't have anything like this one, do I?".  Uh, turns out I do!  Here are a few comparisons:

The differences between the 4 of these are indiscernible!  The Essence polish has a touch more shimmer than the others (which all have a very VERY subtle hidden shimmer) but besides that, they are nearly identical!

Here is "Be Happy" by itself:

Next is my favorite-"Zeus"!  A blueish purple with an unbelievably stunning flash shimmer:

Here we have "Neptune", a cornflower blue with 'crushed' flake shimmer:

Lastly, here is "Pandora"- a rich shade that falls somewhere between terracotta and adobe.  This also has a slight pink shimmer that, I believe, makes this stunning.  I do not own a single other polish this color...it is unique:

Overall thoughts: Love these shades!  I will probably end up picking up "Athens" too, which is a deep teal.  There is also another blue and another teal that are gorgeous as well.  Sinful Colors is definitely stepping up their game lately, and we have definitely taken notice!

I found these, after much hunting, at Walgreen's.  Every other retailer that carries Sinful Colors around here didn't seem to carry these, or maybe just have not received them yet.  Definitely try a few if you stumble upon them! At $1.99 each, you won't be disappointed!


  1. Awesome swatches. I saw this collection and picked up Zeus and Neptune, but Pandora looks awesome. I may have to go back and get it!

  2. I want Zeus. Great comparison! Thanks for swatching!

  3. Your teals are so similar!! Pretty color though :) And these SC are great! In Canada SC are $6.99 each!

  4. GREAT pictures of these!! especially Zeus and Neptune:] greatgreat job

  5. I've been trying to find this collection at the Walgreen's in my area but neither have it yet :(

  6. Great review! I appreciate the color comparison! That way I won't buy that one :) Love your swatches as usual!! XOXO

  7. Gorgeous colors!! Pandora is my favorite!
    Thanks for adding the button!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. they're all absolutely stunning

  9. Wow these are gorgeous! For some reason I thought that this collection was all just plain cremes, the hidden shimmer is a pleasant surprise!

  10. I found these a couple of weeks. Ack at my Walgreen's and was so shocked, beause I hadn't heard anything about them online. I picked up two or three, too, and Zeus is my absolute favorite. I didn't pick up Pandora... it didn't appeal to me in the store, but after seeing your swatches I may have to. I do think it will be a nice fall color. Thanks!