My First Tape Manicure Attempt

Can you believe after all these years of doing nails, I've never done a 'tape' manicure (use Scotch tape to tape of part of the nail and then apply a different color to the exposed parts)?  After I put Wet N Wild's "Penny For Your Thoughts" on earlier, I felt the urge to add to it somehow and came up with this:  Orly "Fowl Play" painted diagonally across each nail. After my base color was completely dry, I put the tape across half my nail, painted 'Fowl Play' on and let it dry for a few minutes.  I then s l o w l y pulled the tape off and voila! Clearly, I still need to work on my tape placement since my ring finger has way too much Fowl Play compared to my other nails (hey, I was on the phone while I was doing this and wasn't really paying attention to that one ;-), but overall I like this- especially the color combo.  Fowl Play has multi-colored flakes and some of them are actually almost the same color as 'Penny For Your Thoughts'.  Pretty cool:

Now that I've attempted this, I'm ready to experiment with different colors and more "tape placements"!  Whatcha think?

Wet N Wild Chrome Nail Color: Penny For Your Thoughts (Pictures)

Metallics are my least favorite type of nail polish. They show all the imperfections in your nails and even accentuate them at times.  I always mumble on about how I have peeling issues with my nails (my own fault!) and a metallic polish does them no justice.  When I found the Wet N Wild "Chrome" display at my Rite Aid this weekend, I was still intrigued enough to buy one- "Penny For Your Thoughts", the exact, shiny metallic color of a brand new penny:

 These bottles are tiny- .29oz...they look even smaller somehow in person!  Also, at $3.99 each, they are a little more than WnW's typically are (for instance, the Be Jeweled collection bottles are .30 oz and $2.99 each). Still cheap, but I wonder what the difference is?

For size reference

I still don't love metallic polish, but this one is pretty.  I'm always drawn towards the copper ones for some reason!  What are your feelings towards 'Chrome' nail polish?


Teal Ombre Nails With Essie and Julep

Teal, turquoise, aqua.  One of my favorite color categories!  Since I'm always looking for new ways to wear my old polishes, I decided to give 'ombre' nails a go.

Here are the polishes I used for this (some of them I had to dust off since I have not reached for them in months ;-):

In the bottles (to me) they looked like the would fit perfectly in sequential light-to-dark order!

Don't mind my awkward thumb; she's still a little camera shy...
I really liked the outcome, but my ring finger-Julep Miranda- felt too bright to me.  All the other polishes I picked had a dustier quality to them.  I decided to dunk Miranda in a glitter pot to see if that would help:

The final product:

I'm pretty pleased with this manicure, although Miranda is still bugging me.  She is one of my all time favorite polishes (color, I love and she has a jelly like formula that is fab) and I was just glad to take her out of hiding for awhile.  Essie's "School Of Hard Rocks" (pinkie) is another all time fav- it just makes me happy!

What do you think of the ombre look?  Does it bug you to have your nails all different colors?  There is a slight, OCD side of me that wants them all uniform =)  Do you have a suggestion for a dusty teal that would fit in my sequence to replace Miranda?


Spoiled "Club Rat" Nail Polish (Pictures)

My nails today- Spoiled "Club Rat" (uhhh...this name!).  "Club Rat" is a jelly, hot pink polish with flakes of crushed glitter:

  (2 layers shown)

In the bottle, this looks so juicy and pigmented.  Once on, it let me down a bit.  The formula is on the thick side, so doing 3 layers wasn't going to happen for me.   It's pretty, just not rocking my world, if you know what I mean.

Where To Buy: CVS; these are only $1.99, so even if you're not madly in love, it's no big deal ;-)


Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Polish "Big Money" Glitter Pictures

Here's one more Sally Hansen Gem Crush nail polish- Big Money.  I've been eyeing this one for awhile, and when I picked up my presciption at CVS last night and a $3 off SH coupon printed out, well I knew it was time!

"Big Money" is a clear base, with small gold glitter and large lavender hex glitters.  It is SO pretty in person, I just love it.

(3 layers)

Blurry here, but you can see the contrast between the gold/lavender a bit differently:

I love this so much that I have added it (in my mind) to my list of "Top 10 Favorite Nail Polishes Of All Time".  Yes....that is how awesome it is!

I did 3 layers and here in the pics you can see a wee bit of my nail line.  In real life, it's not apparent at all.  I did one layer of Seche Vite on top and it dries almost completely 'grit' free.  There's a tiny bit of texture, but it is not rough feeling at all (something that I cannot stand!).

So glad to have this and Cha Ching in my Helmer now!


New Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish "Wine and Dined" (Pictures)

Maybelline has a new line of nail polishes out called "Color Show".  The display is pretty huge, and it has a few different finishes: metallics, shatters, denim, etc. I picked up one called "Wine & Dined", a burgandy wine color with brown tones and a slight purple flash:

This color is beautiful and besides the purple flecks, there are teeny tiny bits of orange as well.

The only thing I didn't like was the size of the bottles- at .23 fl oz, these are small.  I paid $4.99 for mine at Walgreen's.

Have you spotted these yet?


Wet N Wild Be Jeweled Nail Polish Collection Part 2

After losing one of my precious nail polishes in a "freak" (not really) accident, I decided to replace her and in the process picked up a few more ;-)

"Bow In My Presence" has a light turquoise tinted glitter base with larger, mulitcolored hex glitter (2 layers shown):

"Jewels For Your Highness" (the one that I lost, tragically, in my last trip) has a pink-lavender base with the same larger, multicolored hex glitters:

"Speak When Spoken To" has a blue base with multicolored larger glitter pieces:

At first, I thought that I *had* to use these alone because they were so dense glitter-wise, but I decided to layer "Born Into Privilege" (the first one I picked up) over a color.  

First I did 2 layers of Wet N Wild "Caribbean Frost", a warm turquoise:

I then put just one layer of "Born Into Privilege" over this.  I love the combination!  It reminds me of mermaids and the ocean:

Are you picking up any of these?  Do you prefer them alone or layered?


Sally Hansen Gem Crush "Cha Ching" Glitter Nail Polish (Pictures)

I have been eyeing these Sally Hansen Gem Crush polishes for awhile and when the fabulous Marisa at Polish Vixen had a contest awhile back, I won so she sent me one!  "Cha-ching!" is a clear base with teeny red glitter and larger silver glitters mixed in.  It is so gorgeous and I was pretty amazed at how much coverage it gave. (Shown here with 3 layers):

 Does it bother anyone else that Sally Hansen has a kabillion different bottle shapes?  The OCD side of me would really like to line all of my polishes up in neat rows in my Helmer by brand, and Sally kinda screws that up :D

Have you tried any of these yet?  I'm thinking I need to pick up the color, "Big Money" next (gold with lavender). Eh, who am I kidding?  I will eventually need them all!