April Julep Maven Box Featuring Susie & Mandy Nail Polish (Pictures)

Happy Sunday morning to you!  My April Julep Maven box came yesterday!  Here are some pics:

Side note: I am sitting here on this fine Sunday writing this post with a giant, over-sized cup of coffee.  This is a new -to-me brand that I bought after seeing those silly commercials ("Have a cup of Johan").  Apparently this  brand originated in Sweden (according to the bag, in 1853) and it is the best vanilla coffee I have ever tasted.  It's not too overpowering and just ...awesome.  I love it!  Sweden definitely knows how to make some great coffee...even if those commercials leave us rolling our eyes ;-)

OK, nail polish.  This month's box came with 2 nail polishes in "Mandy" (bright coral) and "Susie" (mint creme), a tube of  "The Best Pedi Creme Ever", and a set of toe separators thrown in as an extra.  There were even some cute, foiled wrapped chocolate eggs in this box, but the boys got to those before I could take a pic including them!  I figure it's better this way, since I am watching my carbs, plus they always are a little let down when a box comes in the mail that is not legos.  I believe my 6 yr old actually said, "More nail polish!?".  Hmmm...now he is starting to sound like his father.

Here is a close up of the 2 polishes:

I noticed that the new color, Susie, had shrink-wrapped packaging, which I think is a new thing for Julep:

I put "Susie" on today since I've been overloading on corals lately (don't you worry, you know I will be busting out "Mandy" soon enough!).

Minty creme is a perfect description.  You can see in the 2nd pic (with flash) that this can come across as almost white.  It is a very bright polish and the kind that is sure to make your hands look more tan when you wear it (another side note: I love tan hands and feet.  I could care less about damaging the rest of my skin, but I love these body parts when they are tan!).

Formula/Application:  I used 2 layers for this manicure and had no problems.  Obviously, it's a light creme, so the first layer is going to be pretty streaky, but after 2 you are good to go.   I love how shiny and fresh this looks!

Where To Buy:  Julep's website.  You can also become a Maven and receive monthly boxes for $19.99/month.  Maven's receive discounts on all of Julep's products and FREE shipping too.  You can also earn free monthly boxes for referrals.  Use the code: COLOR 2012 to get your first box for 1 penny!  My sign up link: Julep.com.

I will report back this week on how the pedi creme works, and have some pictures of "Mandy" too!


  1. I got the same Maven box! I tried the creme last night and it was tingly (which I didn't like). I can't wait to see your swatches of Mandy :)

  2. Wow, Love susie! Such a nice spring color! I love how your son said that! I get the same reaction too! Except now my son says hey mom you know how nail polish and makeup are to you well that is xbox games to me..I need more!! I just started laughing! the things they come up with!

    1. you made me want susie so bad I found it on a blog sale and bought it right away! Love the color :)