Essie Wedding Collection 2012 Nail Polish (Pictures)

If there's a wedding collection, you can pretty much bet I'm going to own it.  Wedding nail polish brings to mind one thing (usually)- neutrals.  I was so anxious to pick up Essie's new bridal set, since they are neutral but not in the boring old run-of-the-mill type way.  Last year, I only picked up one of the wedding polishes, Borrowed & Blue, but this year I was compelled to own them all.

First, here is "Who Is The Boss", a bright yet soft sage type pastel (2 layers):

I thought this one may be similar to my new Julep, Susie.  Turns out they are definitely in the same color family, but are in no way 'dupes':

 Hmmm...I kinda like the look of these together!

Next up is "Love & Acceptance", a dusty lavender creme.  Very pretty, but probably the least exciting for me (2 layers):

Then there is "Like To Be Bad", a polish that looks like a boring old pink creme, but has a subtle, subtle (did I say subtle?) reddish shimmer in it.  This is the one that surprised me the most...I love how warm it is, and how it manages to make your hands look more tan (3 layers):
Shimmer??? Are you in there?

Lastly, the one I wanted the most- "Instant Hot".  This polish is a soft white that has the same type of subtle shimmer as "Like To Be Bad".  It has a touch of pink to it, so it's not too white and stark against your skin (3-4 layers):

Here's a shot of "Instant Hot" pictured next to my Wet N Wild white for reference:

What do you think of these?  Are any of them calling to you?


  1. Replies
    1. I totally agree! Plus I love that there are only 4 to get to have the entire "set" :)

  2. ohhh, I love all of them! Gonna have to try and find these!

  3. ooo I love them all! Who is the Boss is my favorite.

  4. I got Who is the Boss today! Thanks for the swatches!!

  5. How cool! I didn't even know about this collection :)

    1. I love when that happens to me! hahha it's like, "Surprise! You need this!"

  6. These look so beautiful. I'm loving Instand Hot and Like To Be Bad, sooo pretty ^^
    Xoxo, Christine♥

  7. Oh wow I love them all!!!!