New Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Polish "Ring-A-Ding!"(Pictures)

I picked up one more of these new Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 'jewel overcoats' in "Ring-A-Ding!".  This clear based glitter has pink, gold, and coppery colored hexes.  I tried this out over Essie's "Like To Be Bad":

First, 2 layers of Like To Be Bad: (I had a nail related injury recently and had to chop them all off!  So short)

And then 2-ish layers of Ring-A-Ding!:

 This reminds me of Spoiled "Jewelry Heist" a tad... I will have to do a side by side comp soon!


  1. oh my gosh I love this! you chose a great colour to put it over :) x

  2. I have not seen the Essie Wedding shades anywhere in retail yet around my parts. The glitter looks fun. I have been in a phase of using a sheer over my glitters of late - making sandwiches out of them all.

  3. Wow it reminds me of Jewelry Heist too! Very pretty!

  4. You know what you did? You took the dainty hue of 'Like to be Bad' up a few notches with this layering look, and made it fun & whimsical! I swear, you must have a layering switch in that creative brain of yours, cause you always know which shades will just work together! So pretty, Maribeth!