China Glaze Pink Voltage With Silver Stripes

Here's another manicure I did while playing around with my striping tape: 2 layers of China Glaze "Pink Voltage", a hot pink neon with shimmer.  After this dried for a bit, I place my silver striping tape, then sealed everything with top coat:

I am so anxious to get my hands on the new China Glaze Summer Neons!  I used "Pink Voltage" to try and keep me happy, but I am dying for all of those beautiful, shimmery neons...I can't wait!


  1. So neons are growing on you MB? I want all of the new China Glaze neons also. I think neons look really good with neutrals, I guess it's some big trend right now. I have a friend who wants to do a neon and neutral colored wedding. She has better taste than me so we'll see how it turns out, haha. I have a request for you to do a neon and neutral themed mani! :)

    1. Yes! I usually hate them, but ever since I saw the pictures for the ones coming out, i've been on board! They look so cool. Hmmm...I'll take you up on your request and try to come up with something neon and neutral....great idea :)

  2. ooh this is so fun, I love it! x

  3. I love this, such a fun look ^_^ x

  4. Didn't take you long to start wowing us with those tapes, did it?! I'm not surprised...your mind is one of the most creative out there! What a cool look! :)