Essie Poppy Razzi Collection: Camera & Action Nail Polish (Pictures)

Essie's newest collection, "Poppy Razzi", consists of 4 neon nail polishes.  First, a little info about me: I don't like neons. They are my least favorite type of nail polish (even beating out 'frost'). This is particularly troublesome especially since this season's biggest trend is neon.  I figured I should remain open-minded and at least try a few before declaring to the world that I "hate" neon polish.

Here is the first one I tried, "Action".  Essie calls this, "vibrant light orange neon".  I'd love to think of this as the color of orange popsicles (which is what my 5 year old told me this looked like), or some other refreshing citrus reference.  Unfortunately, all I can think of is "Kraft Macaroni & Cheese" :D

Then there is "Camera", a "brilliant coral-pink neon" (Essie.com).  This! THIS I can get behind!  This calls to mind a more intense neon version of my favorite jelly polish from last year, OPI's "Guy Meets Galveston".

Here's the deal:  I used 3 layers of polish for each color.  These are on the sheer side, and Essie recommends layering them over a white polish to get a more opaque look (The display for these has Essie's 'Blanc' on it as well).  I did them by themselves because I was curious.  I like the jelly sort of effect they have, but if you are not a fan of 'visible nail line' then trying these over white.

Overall, I'm glad I stopped being so cynical about neons and gave them a try. I may even go back and get the other 2, "Lights" and "Bazooka" ...maybe...baby steps.


  1. Maribeth, I know you don't like Action but I think it looks great on you! You really should try out the other two, they aren't too too "neon" and I think you would drool over Bazooka on the nail! Yay for trying new things! :)

    1. Aw Brandi, you are so encouraging (enabling? :-) ) I loved your swatches when I saw them! I *thought* I was buying "the pink" from this set when I picked up "Camera" but I think my beauty supply was out of that one (Lights) so I *assumed* what I was getting was the pink. I may as well round out the collection and get the remaining 2! haha

  2. I'm not a huge neon fan myself, but I bought Lights and love it! I would also definitely try Camera!

  3. I think they look great on you, and your 5-year old was right on the money with his description! I'm assuming you added a top coat over 'Camera' cause these tend to dry to a satiny/matte kind of finish - love the look! I was never a fan of neons either; this collection has helped change that way of thinking, that's for sure!

  4. NEEDNEEDNEED camera!!! gorgeous on you!!

  5. Haha, I love neons, but the orange looks like the cheese powder to me too. Now I want it just for that reason!

  6. Oh, Camera is so very pretty. I'm such a sucker for that squishy jelly finish.