Nail Art For Cult Nails!

A few weeks back, Maria from Cult Nails posted on Facebook some exciting news- not only were they going to be selling nail art supplies soon, she needed some volunteers to try out the nail art products and supply pictures.  I volunteered and was super PSYCHED when I received an email back!  A few days later, this arrived:

Multi-colored, bar shaped gems

Multi-colored smorgasbord of different shaped gems: hearts, diamonds, flowers, butterflies, circles- and more!

Gunmetal gems in different sizes (the backs are black, but the tops are all gunmetal)

Silver square studs and gold hexagon studs

I used the 2 polishes in my package, "Devious Nature" (holy-, I LOVE this color- hot pink creme-jelly deliciousness) and "My Kind Of Cool Aid" (a dusty lavender with silver shimmer that is in a word-KILLER!  This is a polish that I didn't know I needed, but could not see my life without now) plus the other Cult polishes I already owned: "Cruisin' Nude", "In A Trance", "Awakening", & "Hypnotize Me" to create a few different looks.  Be warned, I have a crap ton of pictures here!  I wanted to try everything from a simple accent nail to a full-on, every nail covered in gems type of manicure.

For each 'look', I mostly did the same thing: painted on one coat of polish, and then did each nail again with a second coat, but one at a time- while the 2nd layer was still wet, I'd place the gems where I wanted them (I found using a pair of tweezers to place them worked best for me). Once all of my stones were in place, I'd go over the entire nail with a layer of Cult's "Wicked Fast" Top Coat (which is 'wicked' awesome...also being orginally from Massachusetts, I totally appreciate the use of the popular New England adjective, 'wicked' :D ).  The only time I varied my application is with the manicures where I used 2 colors on each nail.  With those, I did my polish colors, then applied Wicked Fast and then put the gems/studs on.  Once the gems/studs were in place, I did one last layer of Wicked Fast to seal everything in.

Here is what I've been working on for the past week or so...

This is "Devious Nature" with the gunmetal gems:

"My Kind Of Cool Aid" with the lavender bar gems:

Half "Cruisin' Nude", half "In A Trance" and topped with a gold hex stud:

"Awakening"- accent nail has a layer of Hypnotize me and blue & clear multi-shaped gems:

"Cruisin' Nude" with a gunmetal gem-studded accent nail:

"Devious Nature" with "Hypnotize Me" on every other nail.  Flower and round shaped gems added to match:

"My Kind Of Cool Aid" with a gold and silver studded accent nail:

"Cruisin' Nude" with clear/iridescent bar gems arranged on accent nail:

"My Kind Of Cool Aid" topped with tons of different gems from the "multi-colored, multi-shaped" wheel.  This gives you an idea of the variety in this wheel! (Side note, I only used up one 'slot' of the wheel doing these nails):

"In A Trance" with bronze colored bar shaped gems as an accent nail:

"In A Trance" again, with "My Kind Of Cool Aid" striped down the middle and topped with a silver square stud:

"Hypnotize Me" (3 layers) with aqua bar gem accent nail:

I love the Devious Nature/Hypnotize me combo nails, and also the Crusin' Nude with the gunmetal gems the most!  Nail art can be intimidating sometimes, but these gems/studs were easy to use.  No special tools required; all you need is polish and a great top coat.

It was SO fun to be able to work with these products and I am so thankful for the opportunity from Cult Nails.  You can get all of these polishes on their website- www.cultnails.com. You can also follow Cult Nails on Twitter or Maria's Blog for the latest info and updates. The nail art supplies should be available starting in June!

**Disclosure- some products in this post provided by Cult Nails


  1. Wow MB! I'm so excited you got to be one of the testers! You did an AMAZING job with it too. After each picture I would think, "Okay, this one is my favorite" and then I would go to the next one and thing, "No, now THIS one is my favorite". Haha. You are so creative! I really like the In a Trace and Cruisin' Nude with the gold hex stud. It looks military-esque. Ooh, and the Devious Nature one topped with Hypnotize Me. I'll have to try that combo!

    1. Thanks Jessi!!! I was thinking the same thing about In A Trance & Cruisin Nude (military)!

  2. O.M.G.

    Maribeth, you have outdone yourself! It took only a week to come up with all these designs? What are you, superwoman? Wait -- you have 4 boys + a husband, so don't bother answering that, lol!

    Seriously, you did an incredible, incredible job here and hands down my favourite is 'Cruisin' Nude' with the bar gems...STUNNING!!!!

    1. Hahah! Honestly, this was so much fun it never felt like work! Thanks for the compliment Eugenia!

  3. WOW! You did so much!! The first five are my favorite! I can't believe I'm commenting on a post that has more than five different nail art pictures. Lol. I really, really want Cult Nails. As soon as my no-buy time is over, I'm getting some!

    1. Lol, thanks!! And, yes, you need a little Cult in your life for sure!

  4. I love all of these manicures, you're so creative :)

  5. Holy cow, these are all way too pro for me. I can see how much fun you're having! Loving the creativity. :D