Zoya "Myrta" Nail Polish (Pictures)

I forgot to add this polish to my Zoya posts last week- "Myrta" is from the new Surf collection.  She is a coral-orange-red metallic shimmer and is perfect for Summer.  This one rivals "Zuza" as my favorite from my recent Zoya acquisitions.  They both had that fabulous, almost a one-coater type finish:



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    1. Thx! I just love it...it the kind of polish that keeps distracting me. I'm supposed to be making lunch but I end up staring at my hands instead :D

  2. Maribeth, you're so right: this is a fabulous shade for summer! And I totally love that glass flecked finish...gives such depth and in the sun, this must sparkle like crazy! I know you're not a red fan, but this looks GORGEOUS on you!!

    Happy Mother's Day, my friend! Enjoy the day and your 4 absolutely previous little superheroes!!! Hugs! xox