Zoya Nail Polish Pinks and Purples From Beach, Surf, and True Collections

If you follower me on Twitter, you may have seen the picture above (right) of my recent Zoya acquisitions!  I decided to break them down by color instead of collection since I, myself, like to compare similar colors and decide which ones I need (all).

Here are the pinks and purples from the Beach, Surf, and True Collections:

Color: Shelby, a "Cherry blossom pink" creme
Collection: Beach
Application/Formula: 3 layers shown; formula is on the thin side and prone to streaks:

Color: Lara, a "magenta rose-pink" creme
Collection: Beach
Application/Formula: 2 layers shown; formula was nice and smooth and easy to apply

Color: Reagan, a "deep, cool fuchsia pink" creme
Collection: Beach
Application/Formula: 2 layers shown; formula was also nice and smooth on this one

Color: Rory, "medium mauve pink with lilac tones and gold and silver reflective metallic shimmer accents"
Collection: Surf
Application/Formula: 2 layers; formula had medium thickness and great coverage

Color: Kimber, "Rich bright saturated magenta pink with strong gold metallic shimmer"
Collection: Surf
Application/Formula: 2 layers shown; formula was not too thick or thin and covered nicely

Color: Lotus, a "dusty blue-toned amethyst purple with pink, red, and gold shimmer"
Collection: True
Application/Formula: 2 layers shown here; formula was thin but coverage was fabulous

Color: Tru, a "red toned grape purple with speckled gold, orange, red shimmer"
Collection: True
Application/Formula:  2 layers; medium thickness and perfect coverage

Color: Carly, "rich bold red toned dark purple with red and silver metallic shimmer"
Collection: Surf
Application/Formula: 2 layers; Formula was EXCELLENT- really only one coat was needed

 Close up of the shimmer in Carly:

My favorite was "Lotus"- I just love the dustiness she has.  "Carly" was another surprise for me, the color I didn't know I NEEDED!  It is really so much prettier in person than my pictures can depict.  Love it, although it may seem out of place in a Summer collection.

My least favorite was "Shelby".  She was a P.I.T.A. to apply and I did feel like she looked right on me.

Overall, these colors are fantastic and I love how well the applied (for the most part)!

In other news, Zoya has a new referral program called "Share The Love" that is kind of awesome. If you use my Zoya link here and create an account, we both get a coupon for a free polish! You start earning 'points' for referrals and other things-like for instance in the past, if Zoya reached a certain number of "likes" on Facebook, they automatically gave everyone with an account points.  Then as your points grow, you can pick from several prizes they offer... everything from free shipping to bottles of polish or nail treatments to complete collections!  Its a great way to get your hands on some Zoyas...I know, for me, sometimes it is difficult to find a brick and mortar salon that has them, so ordering directly from them is a lot easier!

So, what do you think of the pinks and purples?  Which ones are your favorites??


  1. Awesome swatches Maribeth! I was gifted with 7 Zoyas (I picked, someone else paid! Haha) when they were doing their Earth Day promo and you probably have every one I got too. Out of these I got Tru, Lotus, and Rory. I wish I had gotten Carly as well.

    It looks like you got the entire Feel collection. I wouldn't have expected any less of you! I actually got one nude, Kennedy, thanks to you. I added it to my cart thinking, "Maribeth will be so proud of me!" Haha.

    1. Ugh, I love them all and like I said, I wish I had more hands to wear all of them at once! And yes- I did get the entire Feel collection :) You know me so well!! Hahahahaah...Kennedy is the one I think I will love the most! And, I am totally proud of you!! ahahaha

  2. ohh I am sooo jealous! Zoya used to be my favourite polish (and remover) but they're not available outside the US. I brought a few with me but not enough! Tru is so gorgeous!!

  3. Ok, so while I've never been a "pink" girl, for some reason, this year's crop of pinks coming down the pipe has me re-thinking these happy shades, so I have to say that from these beauties, Reagan has that certain "it" factor for me! But it's hard to choose, as all your swatches are beautiful -- they ALL look awesome!