Essie Mochachino (Mochacino?) Nail Polish

Today I am wearing Essie "Mochachino".  Every other time I've seen this polish, it's been spelled "Mochacino" (like on Essie's website), but mine is spelled the "ch" way.  Hmm. Curious.  

Anyhoo, "Mochachino/Mochacino" is a "perky gray with shimmer" according to Essie.  This definitely looks more brown in some lights and more gray in others.  Check it out:

Indoors, with the flash, you can see how gray Mochachino can look:

Outside in the sun, Mochachino lives up to her name, showing off her warm brown side:

 The speckled silver shimmer makes this neutral stand out a little more:

To me, this is very similar to Orly's Nite Owl (post here).  Probably more of a fall color, I like this one but I am kinda bummed that I didn't recognize that I already have tried a color like this one :D

  Have you tried this or Nite Owl before?  Was you Mochachino spelled like mine- Or the fancy Italian way?  Are you craving espresso now like I am?


  1. This is one of the only browns I own. I have to admit that I bought it because of the mochachino reference in Clueless :)

  2. pretty shade whatever it is called!!! lol

  3. I love this! It is gorgeous! ^.^

  4. It's taupe! That undefinable grey/brown/beige color. I love taupes! I really like the irregular sized shimmer in this one.

  5. Oooh this is beautiful!! I love those flecks

  6. Maribeth, I absolutely love this shade, and not just for it's colour: I picked it up last summer while in Florida and remember posting it when I was in Key West, so you just brought back all these awesome memories for me! Gorgeous, my friend!