Jordani Sarrel Handmade Cosmetic Bags (Review)

How cute are these?  I recently had the opportunity to try out these Jordani handmade cosmetic bags.  Not only are they super stylish, but they are also very roomy and accomodating-not only for makeup, but for nail polish as well!  Check it out:

Teal & Black Lace (L), Leopard Print (R)
When the designer of these bags, Jordani, suggested these styles to me based on what she saw on my blog, I was blown away.  These are EXACTLY my style, and her ability to pick these out of all her designs for me just proves that she has a great eye for detail :D

The bags have a wide, flat bottom which allows them to stand up on their own. This feature is very important to me.  Who wants their bag flopping over while they are trying to do their makeup?

I decided to take the Teal & Black Lace bag for a test drive.  I packed it up with all of the necessities I would normally bring with me when I travel:

I was able to fit everything in comfortably, with room to spare!

 Here is a look at what's inside.  All full sized products (except for my mini mascara, although a full size would fit as well):
Full size bareMinerals foundation & mineral veil; Full size bareMinerals blush; bareMinerals 8.0 eye shadow compact; 3 full size eyeshadow; 1 brow color; 1 lipgloss; 2 eye primers; 1 mini mascara!

Yes, just the basic necessities ;-)

Jordani had mentioned that nail polishes would also fit in these, standing up!

I put 6 nail polishes in the leopard one (including China Glazes, which are the tallest ones I own) and they all fit perfectly.  I had a file in there as well and still had room to spare.  When I travel (driving a few states up to see my family) I would put cotton balls in here as well to buffer any bumps and presto!  Perfect way to transport a few polishes on the go!

Jordani has so many great designs- there truly is a style for everyone. I was impressed with the quality and personality of these bags for sure. The price point is great as well- the bags start at $9.95!  She also does listings on Etsy for multiple purchases for bridesmaids gifts, which I think is such a great idea!

Here are the places you can find these beautiful bags:

Seriously- how cute are these bags!?

***Disclosure: Cosmetic bags provided for honest review***


  1. yes they are really cute! i like the black one with the lace :D

    1. I have an obsession with leopard print, so naturally I love that one. BUT- the black lace and teal is gorgeous and might be my fav!

  2. I LOVE the flat-bottom feature on these bags! Unfortunately I already have way too many makeup bags that I've received from GWP's/Target Beauty Bags :(

    1. Haha, I know what you mean with the bags accumulating! When I worked in cosmetics, I acquired SO many- it was crazy. The thing I liked about these was that they could pass as a little purse!