Klean Color Concrete Gray & Holo Chrome Nail Polish

I did a Klean Color haul awhile back, and would you believe there are still about 6 of them I haven't tried?  Here are 2: Concrete Gray and Holo Chrome!

Concrete Gray is very reminiscent of Zoya Kelly- a blueish, grayish creme.  The good news- this is a one coater! The bad news- the formula is thick and gloopy.  I probably should've tried adding thinner to it, but you know that would require me walking up a flight of stairs, and that's just not happening today :)
My hands were slightly wet too, so I had some bubbling on a few:

I then topped it with one layer of Holo Chrome, a blue sheer based polish with fantastic holographic glitter!

 Even in the shade this polish is fantastical!

For the price, Klean Colors (especially the glitters) are killer!  I love them :D


  1. This looks so fab! A nice break from the summer brights & neons :)

  2. I love greyed colors, and this one is gorgeous! It looks really great with the glitter on top, too!

  3. Ohhhh those are pretty! I'll have to check them out! Where do u buy them usually?

    1. I usually order from Ebay! I think I paid $15 (including shipping) for 12 last time- so worth it!

  4. Love them together! Been meaning to buy some Kleancolors!

  5. I LOVE that holographic polish!!!

  6. Love this glitter top coat!! And yes you totally need to get your hubby to snap some pics of your hair! :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings