Petites Nail Polish: Midnight Frost, Pink Aura, & Stardust

I have some new Petites to show you today!  

First up is Midnight Frost, a black jelly base with small silver glitter.  This one applied really smooth and easy.  I did 3 layers for these pictures:

Next is Pink Aura, a coral pink with a very subtle warm pink shimmer.  The shimmer makes it so pretty in person.  This one is a jelly-creme hybrid formula and was a little streaky.  I did 4 layers here, which sounds crazy, but it dried pretty quickly because the formula is nice and thin:

 Lastly, here's Stardust- a silvery, holographic glitter topcoat:

"Stardust" reminded me a lot of China Glaze's "Fairy Dust", so I did a comparison:

Dust showdown: Petites Stardust vs China Glaze Fairy Dust (R)- My original bottle broke, so it's in another one here.
 In this picture below, I have Petite's Stardust on every nail except my thumb, which is sporting China Glaze Fairy Dust instead:

Petites Nail Polishes are sold at Rite Aid,but don't fret if you don't have one nearby!  They are also available on the CQ Cosmetics website (along with Chameleon, Color Fever, and CQ polishes- which I will also be reviewing next week!). The Petites retail for $3 each.

What do you think of these 3?  Have you tried Petites before? 

***Disclaimer: Products in this post were provided for review***


  1. Great colors! I really like midnight frost. I tried a petite a long time ago and didn't like the formula and that has made me not buy again! I might try to find the midnight frost one though :)

  2. Lovely colours! I love the black x

  3. Love Midnight Frost! I'm such a sucker for black polish with any color shimmer.

  4. wow! stardust and fairy dust look similar! love Midnight Frost!!

  5. Midnight Frost is so intriguing! I love it!

  6. love them!