China Glaze On Safari Collection: Part 2 (Plus A Comparison)

Finally, I have part 2 of China Glaze's "On Safari" collection to share with you. (See part 1 here) I think my delay is trying these was partly because I just wasn't ready for "vampiness" yet.  One thing that helped put me in a vampy mood was the recent "nubbin-izing" of my nails.  They were getting very long, but I was starting to have major peeling issues, so I decided to quit while I was ahead and just cut them down ( ♪...but I won't fall!  I am titanium!♪  Okay, not quite the lyrics, but made me think of that song ;).  What does that have to do with this post?  I LOVE dark colors on short nails, and this half of the On Safari collection is full of them!

Purr-fect Plum- a plummy creme polish. I was surprised by how much I loved this one. It is so pretty and Fall appropriate:

Call Of The Wild- dark vampy brown creme.  Delicious:

Prey Tell- Really similar to "Call Of The Wild", except it's base undertone is more of a wine instead of a brown:

Here are some side by side shots of "Call Of The Wild" next to "Prey Tell":

These are SO close when they are on the nail. I don't think it's necessary to own both of them at all. Pick your fav and just stick with one!

Adventure Red-y- I have a real aversion to red polish for some reason (which is why I post them very rarely).  I have to be in a very specific mood to wear red. This one applies so nicely and is the perfect "temperature" of red for my skin tone. I love it!

Man Hunt- gorgeous blue!  I don't really have a ton of blue polish and I was surprised by how happy this one made me- so happy, I had to post 3 pictures instead of just 2:

Lastly, here's Jungle Queen- the prettiest dark grey/purple with an killer 'secret' shimmer (also, rumored to be pretty dang close to Chanel "Paradoxal"):

I did just 2 layers for each of these polishes.  The formulas on all of them were PERFECT.  I am glad that I decided to try this half, even though these colors usually aren't my 'thing'.  Which one(s) do you like the best?


  1. I have to be in the right mood for red too. I love colours LOUD, but red has a sexy scream that I'm not always ready to own. I think Man Hunt is my favourite but I have a lot of blue, so I am probably biased =P

    1. Yes! Exactly Sharra! Sexy scream! I mean, dammit-I'm sexy, but I don't feel ready to shout it out all the time ;-) I will wear any other loud color, neon, etc with no hesitation though. Very strange red polish specific phenomenon we are hitting on here!

  2. Ohhh so pretty! Loving Man hunt and jungle queen!!!

  3. Man Hunt for sure! I have that and Elephant Walk, I think, THINK those are the only two of the collection I picked up.

  4. Jungle Queen is beautiful!! I should've picked that one up!

  5. Hadn't realized how crazy close Call of the Wild and Prey Tell are--thanks for the comparison!

  6. Purrr-fect Plum and Man Hunt are my faves.
    Rock Ur Nails!

  7. reaaaally need purrfect plum! and thanks for comping call & prey tell.. i had NO idea they were so similar!

  8. I'm like you; I absolutely adore deep shades like this on short nails and I must say that every single one looks fabulous on you! Once more, I'm behind in my posting of this collection ... blame it on the beach that's keeping me pretty much tied up, lol! Once I'm finally back from holiday, I'll be able to forge ahead with all my reviews that are waiting to be uploaded (crossing my fingers I can catch up!)

    Congrats on the birth of your niece! How wonderful and beautiful for you all! May she be blessed and always happy ... plus she has the most awesome auntie in the world!! Giant hugs to you all! xox

  9. You need to start wearing reds more often! They are fantastic on you!

  10. Jungle Queen is one I really want and keep NOT finding! :( I agree with Amanda, you SHOULD wear more reds! ;-)