Shimmer Nail Polish: Jasmine, Trisha, Airriann, & Caroline (Pictures)

Hey there! Today I am showing you some Shimmer Nail Polishes.  Shimmer is an indie brand that makes some really killer glitter polishes.  The 4 I tried are very glitter bomb-esque and I love them:

I love how unique these glitter combos are:

First is "Jasmine", a mix of different sized turquoise glitters with multi colored bits mixed in.  This is just one layer on top of Color Club "New Bohemian":

Next is "Trisha", a burnt orange based glitter with multicolored pieces as well (mainly gold, blue, and purple).  I decided to layer this over Zoya "Kalmia", which is pretty close to the main color in "Trisha":

Then there's "Airriann", which is so pretty and so difficult to describe accurately!  The main glitter in this is a dusty pink. Then there's red, black, gold, and so many more colors that I will probably miss some so I am just going to stop there. Check it out for yourself (Over Julep "Olivia"):

Mmm...doesn't this look like candy!?

And last but not least, there's "Caroline".  This is a purple glitter, again with multicolored glitter bits mixed in, but also some iridescent ones as well. GORGEOUS!  I wanted to do a base that was contrasting, so I went with Julep "Courteney":

And here are the glitters by themselves.

<<<This shows just one layer of glitter.

<<<This is two layers of glitter.

<<<Two layers again, but no flash (look at how they glow!)

So as you can see, you could most certainly wear these by themselves as well!  I love me some layering, so I  just had to go there  :D  The formulas on them are super- they give great coverage, even with only one layer, and dry to a smooth finish with topcoat!

You can find Shimmer Polish on Facebook, their website: www.shimmyshimmer.com, or their Etsy shop!

***Disclosure-Shimmer Polishes provided for review***


  1. Great pairings!!! I love the brown one!!! It's my favorite!

  2. Oooh, they're so pretty! I love glitter... until it's time to take it off. Then I curse it and usually end up peeling it off, ruining my nails. Haha. Airriann is my favorite of these I think!

    1. These weren't too bad removal wise! hahaha I have been pretty good about not peeling...usually, that is what I do :)

  3. ooh I love what you paired Airriann with! So pretty! I am loving Shimmer polishes so much right now.

  4. I love that you layered Airiann over a brown...looks amazing!