Butter London "All Hail The Queen"

Here's a polish I've been wanting for awhile: Butter London "All Hail The Queen".  I finally gave in and got it when they had the most crazy deal on the new site, Coterie (click there to use my referral link), recently -3 Butter Londons, plus BL Topcoat only $11 with a coupon code!! Are you serious?  They took awhile to get to me, but it was worth the wait to finally say I own this polish.

"All Hail The Queen" is a taupey-toffee color with fine silver shimmer. There is a super, super, teeny tiny amount of holographic shimmer in this too (you can see in the last picture, which is a little blurry):

Outdoors with no flash, you can see just how dark this polish can acutally look:
I'm really mad about my middle nail breaking! BOO!
 Here's the holo-shot:

This is a great neutral polish that everyone should have. If it were more holographic, it would probably be my #1 favorite neutral.  This makes the top 10, but the search continues for #1....

Do you own "All Hail The Queen"?


Zoya Evvie (Designer Collection) With Deborah Lippmann "Stairway To Heaven"

Hey, hey, hey!  Today I have what I would have to consider one of my (new) favorite combos OF ALL TIME. Yes, you read that right. I love it that much.

This manicure started out with my desire to try another one of my new Zoyas- "Evvie", a "smoky grey cream teal".  LOVE this. It's Fall, it's neutral, it's dark, it's classic, and "new" somehow. I don't really own anything like it. Super shiny and delicious:

(2 layers)

I wanted to see how Deborah Lippmann  "Stairway To Heaven" would look on top, and OMG- when I did, I fell in love in an instant:

This is even cooler in real life. You will just have to trust me!

You like??


Twinsie Tuesday: Same Color As Your Car Mani

Hi friends! Welcome to another episode of Twinsie Tuesday! This week's theme is "same color as your car".

My car is one of those funny colors that looks blue/grey/purple depending on how you look at it. I picked Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in "Grey Area" as the color that most closely matches my car.  This may be a smidge darker than my car, but the general idea is the same.

Is it grey? Blue? Purple?

How would you classify it?

Edited to add: here's a pic of the the same color/type my car is (Mazda 5...which seats 6 and always confuses me and makes me want to say, "I drive a Mazda 6" instead ). I love it because it fits all of us, but is not a giant van :)

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Zoya Natty (Designer Collection) With OPI Pirouette My Whistle

Hi!  Today I am wearing one more from Zoya's Designer Collection for Fall- Natty.  "Natty" is a "smoky, deep steel blue" creme according to Zoya's website.  I LOVE it!  I am not usually a huge blue person, but the dusty quality this color has makes it extremely wearable.  I paired it up with OPI' "Pirouette My Whistle":

 First, here is "Natty" all by herself. This polish has a fantastic formula, and practically painted itself on:

(2 layers)

Indoors, you can see a different temperature of this color:

And here's Natty with one layer of "Pirouette...".  A very pretty combo that reminds me of the night sky:

I love them together, but I think "Natty" by herself is enough, and I will probably wear her alone nexrt time.

"Natty" can be purchased from Zoya's website: if you use my referral link here and set up a new account, you will receive a coupon in your acct for a free bottle of polish (weeee!) and I receive "credits" for referring you.

You can also see "Monica" from the Designer collection in this post here.

Do you like blue polish? Is "Natty" a color you would wear?


China Glaze "Foie Gras" (Hunger Games Collection)

Happy Friday!

Today I have one of the colors from China Glaze's "Hunger Games" collection that came out earlier this year.
I put a few of the colors that reminded me of Fall from this collection aside, with the intention of pulling them out once Summer was over.  Today's the day, since tomorrow marks the official start of Fall!

This is "Foie Gras", a purple toned brown creme:

The formula on this polish is PERFECT!  So smooth and gives great coverage. It's almost a one-coater, really.  I did 2 layers here:

In the shade, it appears a lot cooler toned:

Then I was feeling like an accent nail, so I added one layer of silver hex glitter to my ring finger (it's a "LA Colors" one, but I lost the tag with the name on it!):

Do you like "Foie Gras"?

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I will be trying "Argo" and "Harvest Moon" soon too!


Zoya Monica With Shimmer Caroline

Hi friends!  Here is what I am wearing on my nails today:

Zoya "Monica" is one of the new Fall colors from their "Designer" collection. "Monica" is a super pretty  "dark, soft blue toned purple":
(2 layers)

Then I used one layer of Shimmer Polish "Caroline" on top:

What do you think of this combo?
You can find Monica on Zoya's website (<referral link...use to get us both a coupon/credit for a free bottle of polish when you set up a new Zoya account!) and Shimmer polishes are sold through her shop on Etsy!


Twinsie Tuesday: Rainbow Mani

It's Twinsie Tuesday again!  This week's theme is "Rainbow Mani".  

When I think of rainbows,this is what comes to mind:

I did each one of my nails a different color of the rainbow (note to self: you should not have traded away all of your orange polishes). Then I topped each one with, what else? OPI "Rainbow Connection"!

Here are the polishes I used:

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Monday Layering: Pink, White, Black, & Gold Glitter Sandwich

How's it going?  I was in the mood for glitter today and thought of this combo when I was falling asleep last night- something that happens more often than you would think!

Here's what I used:

I was thinking, "pink and black glitter on white polish".  I figured I'd use the Fergie polish, "Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night" and get both the black I wanted plus some gold too (I love that polish!)

I started with 3 (thinned out with nail polish thinner) layers of Essie "Instant Hot".  Thinning it out helped because no matter what, you are going to need more than 2 layers of this to even it out. By making it thinner, you can almost guarantee it will dry faster:

Then I did one layer of Essie "A Cut Above", a rosy glitter:

Next, I topped it with Wnw Fergie "Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night", the black and gold glitter:

And because I can never pass up the chance to "sandwich" in as much as possible, I added OPI's "Don't Touch My Tutu" over everything. This softens everything up, and actually brought more of the pink out:

I topped everything off with Cult Nails "Wicked Fast" top coat and the drying time was not bad at all considering how many layers I did!

The thing I love about layering is that the possibilities are endless.  I also love the look of "indie" polishes, and this gives me the same "feel" of those beautiful, complex indie glitter mixes without the same cost.

What do you think of this glitter combo?


Fall Into Autumn Challenge: Day -Apples

Hey there! I'm on Day 2 of the "Fall Into Autumn" manicure challenge and the theme is "Apples".

Here's what I did.

I used all Julep polishes; I used "Stella" as my base and "Brooklyn" over "Catherine" for the red apples; "Courteney" for the green ones; "Emilie" for the stems and "Kate" for the dots (I used a small nail art brush to free hand draw the apples):

I haven't worn "Stella" in almost a year!  (Edit: I checked and I actually wore her originally on Sept 12th, almost a year to the day! Freaky) Here she is by herself:

What do you think of these apples? (Reaaaaally fighting the urge to say, "How do you like them apples?" instead, in my best Matt Damon/Good Will Hunting voice :D )

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Orly "Synchro" Nail Polish

Today I'm wearing Orly "Synchro"!  I think this came out over the summer (?) I had ordered a few minis from Haute Look awhile back and this was one of them.

"Synchro" is a rosy, warm pink with an orange undertone and a purple duochrome flash:

(3 layers)

Awkward mini bottle hand pose

 I kind of love this.