Nail Of The Day: Layering with LA Colors "Blue Treasure" & OPI "French Quarter For Your Thoughts"

Do you want to know something that makes me really happy? Nail polish. Especially when I find one that is only $1 and is fabulous.

I picked up LA Colors "Blue Treasure" while I was grocery shopping. To me, it looks more sea green than blue, but nonetheless, it is gorgeous. Super sheer on it's own, I decided to layer it over OPI "French Quarter For Your Thoughts" (Fall 2011).

 First, here is the OPI by itself, a really pretty, warm gray creme (2 layers):

Then I added just one layer of "Blue Treasure" on top:
Isn't this glowy?!

Ah! I love it! It's still very neutral and work appropriate (in my humble opinion) but the greenish flash it has is unique and fun!

What do you think?!


  1. Awesome layering, it gives it just a subtle shimmer!

  2. love this combo! It looks so pretty!

  3. Oh I love this combination! Super pretty! <3

  4. Blue treasure reminds me of one of my Pure Ice polishes I have. Only difference is that mine has a clear base but the same effect that it gives over French Quarter.

  5. Great combo! You have an eye for layering; I wouldn't ever have paired these two together. I will have to learn from you, oh layering great one.

  6. This is exactly the kind of odd/strange/unique colours that I love! Your layering idea was once again, inspired and I think it looks fabulous together - love that murky tone!