Twinsie Tuesday: Rainbow Mani

It's Twinsie Tuesday again!  This week's theme is "Rainbow Mani".  

When I think of rainbows,this is what comes to mind:

I did each one of my nails a different color of the rainbow (note to self: you should not have traded away all of your orange polishes). Then I topped each one with, what else? OPI "Rainbow Connection"!

Here are the polishes I used:

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  1. You're Twinsies with Brandi today!

  2. This is so cute!! I love the rainbow glitter on the rainbow skittles!

  3. it looks great....i love wearing my nails in different colors, it makes my day light up! ;)

  4. I am so glad to see someone did RC! I started doing my nails in it just for this challenge then I remembered I already had my final choice on my camera!

  5. Totally adorable, Maribeth! Great combination, and I like the way you ordered your skittle, with the primaries and then the two combo colors between. No orange necessary! ;)

    When I think of rainbows, I always think of "The Rainbow Connection", complete with Kermit and banjo. I've had that song stuck in my head all day now! ^_^

  6. EEEE :'D "Who's that comin', from somewhere up in the sky..."
    Awesome mani!!!

  7. Such a fun mani!! I love that you used the glitter to unify everything.

  8. love this! So pretty and fun! x

  9. Oh, I love this is it such a fun combo!

    This is why I can't seem to part with my oranges and yellows, I am always afraid I'm gonna need them, but I so don't like them, lol.

  10. Awesome! I almost used Rainbow glitter!

  11. Gorgeous! and I love how you label the names on the picture))

  12. This turned out great! The rainbow glitter is gorgeous!

  13. I almost used Rainbow Connection today too! It's my favorite of all the DL Happy Birthday-esque polishes out there. I love that you did a double rainbow here. ;)

  14. I loooove this. I like the order you put the colors in as well. :)