Twinsie Tuesday: Same Color As Your Car Mani

Hi friends! Welcome to another episode of Twinsie Tuesday! This week's theme is "same color as your car".

My car is one of those funny colors that looks blue/grey/purple depending on how you look at it. I picked Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in "Grey Area" as the color that most closely matches my car.  This may be a smidge darker than my car, but the general idea is the same.

Is it grey? Blue? Purple?

How would you classify it?

Edited to add: here's a pic of the the same color/type my car is (Mazda 5...which seats 6 and always confuses me and makes me want to say, "I drive a Mazda 6" instead ). I love it because it fits all of us, but is not a giant van :)

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  1. What a cool car! That's a totally unique color but you found a perfect match! Love it!

  2. Wow, that is such and awesome car color!! The polish is definitely a great match!

  3. Wow!! They look pretty close. Love this polish!

  4. I'm petrified of driving large vans like those (I'm so used to my little sedan) but I really like the color!

  5. I love this shade! I may not like my husbands ex, but she has a Mazda 5 and I borrowed it once (long story) and I loved it!

  6. Gorgeous polish, and your car is such a cool colour!! :D

  7. A deep mauve maybe? I think I would love some sort of mini van some day. They just seem so convenient.

  8. Love this polish and what a great match to your car!

  9. I love this colour!! Such a perfect name for it, and it makes for a beautiful car too, Maribeth!

  10. Cute car! I love the color, it's a great match to your mani :)

  11. How pretty! It matches perfectly, and your car is so cute, lol!

  12. So pretty! I drove a mini van for awhile (odd I know, considering I don't have children) but when I do have children, I'd rather have something smaller like this.

  13. Cute color! My mom used to have a Mazda kind of like yours and sometimes I'd borrow it when my Mini was in the shop. I was always terrified of driving something so big! I'm used to little cars! :)