Zoya Evvie (Designer Collection) With Deborah Lippmann "Stairway To Heaven"

Hey, hey, hey!  Today I have what I would have to consider one of my (new) favorite combos OF ALL TIME. Yes, you read that right. I love it that much.

This manicure started out with my desire to try another one of my new Zoyas- "Evvie", a "smoky grey cream teal".  LOVE this. It's Fall, it's neutral, it's dark, it's classic, and "new" somehow. I don't really own anything like it. Super shiny and delicious:

(2 layers)

I wanted to see how Deborah Lippmann  "Stairway To Heaven" would look on top, and OMG- when I did, I fell in love in an instant:

This is even cooler in real life. You will just have to trust me!

You like??


  1. Who woulda thunk this would look so gorgeous! You have some eye for layering.

    1. Right? Sometimes I just pick the first polish I see when I open a drawer, which is how these 2 ended up together ;)

  2. I wouldn't have thought to put these two together, but it looks seriously awesome! Such a great combination! :)

  3. I can see why it is a new favorite! Love it...I so want a deborah lippmann polish, just can't seem to fork out the money for it..ahhhhh lol

  4. You DO have the best layering combos. The glitter looks so cool over the dark base. You pictures make me wish I had picked up Evvie. I didn't get it b/c I'm deathly afraid of those colors that are "might as well be black" but you can definitely tell the color of this one. Oh well, next sale!

  5. I love grays with those types of polishes layered on top! I think they make the most interesting combinations!

  6. This is delish! Perfect for my skin tone too.