Twinsie Tuesday: Halloween Nails

Once again, it's Twinsie Tuesday!  This week's theme is "Halloween".

 I've been meaning to try a "blood splatter" manicure (who says this!?)  and figured this was the perfect time to go ahead and give it a shot!

I used Barielle "Beaches & Dreams" as my base color (post on that one soon- it's so pretty!), then I mixed Julep Catherine with a little bit of clear polish, added a dash of OPI Onyx and it gave me a pretty fabulous bright red blood polish. I dipped a straw inside the bottle that I mixed it in and used it like a dropper, sealing the top of the straw with my finger, and letting go when I wanted the polish to drip and splatter.  As you can imagine, the clean up for this was quite annoying, but I love how it turned out:

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Halloween Polka Dots!

Here's a super quickie post for today!  I am in the middle of prepping for Hurricane Sandy to hit us here on the Jersey Shore, and I woke up this morning to some creepy skies and wind.  I am hoping it's not as bad as it is supposed to be of course, but I've still done all the hurricane-y things (water! batteries! non-perishable food!) to be safe.

Here are my Halloween polka dot nails.  I used the black and orange from the OPI "So So Skullicious set" and then added a few white spots too:

What do you think?  I had all these plans for Halloween themed nails, but alas, not so much time to do them!

If you are in the path of Sandy, please stay safe!


OPI So So Skullicious Mini Nail Collection For Halloween

Happy Friday!  I went back and forth as to whether or not I needed this mini Halloween set from OPI.  I have an intense dislike of OPI mini's (just OPI...other brands are fine with me). Maybe it's the way that they don't label the name on them, or maybe they just seem smaller to me? Or perhaps I usually end up loving the colors and there's ultimately not enough product inside to satiate me?  Well, I got over all that and decided to buy the set, even despite the fact that the colors are pretty common.  I don't know why, but I just NEEDED it all of the sudden! The set comes with some nail decals as well (which I forgot to take a picture of)!

Here's "Candlelight", a jelly-ish yellow that reminded me of Julep Daisy.  Very much on the sheer side, I used 4 layers here:

"Hi Pumpkin!" is a very pretty, creamy orange. This was 3 layers:

"Mourning Glory", a black creme with jelly tendencies ;-)  3 layers here:

And lastly, "A-rose From The Dead".  A beautiful pop of hot pink! This was the color that I was most excited about. I honestly don't have another pink just like this, and I'm getting anxious about the thought of using this tiny bottle up too quickly!  HELP! 3 Layers:

As I said, I forgot to take a picture of all the decals (I think there are about 10?), but I did use one here:
 These are water decals, so once your polish dries, you cut out the design you want, let it soak in warm water for 10 seconds, then gently slip it off and onto your nail (I ripped a teeny bit off on the bottom of this one...oops!). I thought they would be hard to use, but it was quite simple. You put top coat over and you are good to go!

What do you think of this set?  Do you hate mini's as much as I do?


Sation Glitter 1 Collection: "For Better Or Never" Nail Polish

Hey there! Here is one more fabulous glitter polish from Sation's Glitter 1 Collection! "For Better Or Never" is described on the Miss Professional Nail site as "peachy glitter dotted with gray and blue sparkling studs". Sounds cool, right?  It is!  Just look:

I was surprised to find that this polish was opaque enough to wear by itself....here's 3 layers:

Once again, I cannot stress enough how much I love the uniqueness of Sation's Glitter 1 collection! (See the others, Money Badger-here, and Go-Glitter Girl here). The formulas are great, the brushes easy to use, and the color combinations are spectacular!

What do you think of "For Better Or Never"?

***Disclaimer: Products in this post were provided for review***


Sation Nailstock Collection: RV There Yet? With "Go-Glitter Girl" Multiglitter Nail Polish

Hi friends! I have 2 more Sation polishes to show you today, and they are so cool! I was originally going to wear them separately, but really-they were made to be together:

First, is "RV There Yet?" from the Nailstock collection (you can see Gimme Jimi here and Magic Mani Bus here, also from the same collection). "RV There Yet?" is a "playful, vibrant teal" according to the Miss Professional Nail website.  On me, it leans very green.  This is a really beautiful creme that applied in the same creamy/jelly/bouncy fashion that Magic Mani Bus did:

( 3 layers)

Next is "Go-Glitter Girl" from the Glitter 1 collection (you can see "Money Badger" , also from that collection, here). This fantastic glitter is described as, "a paint splatter of electric turquoise and yellow in a clear base".

 Dude. This-is-so-COOL!  See:

There's hexes, shards, and teeny tiny glitters in here! 

I just love the creativity behind these polishes, especially the glitters. They are unique, and fun, and apply so well.  They are also just $7 on the Miss Professional Nail site!  Glitter and creme perfection!

***Disclosure: Products in this post were provided for review***


Twinsie Tuesday: A Polish From Your First Swap

Happy Tuesday! Today's Twinsie Tuesday theme is a "polish from your first swap". 

For me, it's Icing "Shredded"!  This polish has shard-type black glitters in a clear base. Be warned- the black bleeds into the clear base, making it tinted slightly. Nothing too bad, but very obvious if you put it over white. Today, I layered it over Color Club "Nomadic Nude". It reminds me of mocha chip ice cream!

Here's a shot of "Nomadic Nude" solo. I wore this by itself when I worked the other day, and I got SO many compliments on it. I think this just may win the title of "My Favorite Nude" (and if you know me, you know that is HUGE!!). It's the perfect balance of beige/putty/grey without making my skin looked washed out. I simply adore it:

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Sation Nailstock Collection: "Magic Mani Bus" Nail Polish

This is my 3rd blogging day in a row wearing a Sation polish, and that means one thing- I love this brand!

Today I have another polish from their Woodstock themed collection, "Nailstock". This one is called "Magic Mani Bus" and I would buy this for the name alone. The fact that it is the perfect golden delicious apple green color just solidifies the fact that you need it!

Here's 3 layers of "Magic Mani Bus" (You can definitely get away with just 2, but for photo purposes, I did 3):

The formula on this was so fantastic!  It's a creme/jelly formula with a "bouncy" type of application- does that  sound weird?  I don't know why 'bouncy' is the word that I want to use, but it is. It has to do with the way that they brush and polish act together for me- this practically paints itself on- that's how easy it is to work with.  Other pastel type shades like this that I've used in the past have always been streak-ridden, but because of the formulation with this polish, you get none of that!

Took this after washing my hands, so they are a little wet- oops!

This make me so excited to try other Sation cremes (hint: I may have another one to show you this week ;-).  You can purchase "Magic Mani Bus" and check out the rest of this line on the Miss Professional Nail website!

What do you think of this delicious color?

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Sation Glitter 1 Collection: "Money Badger" Multi Glitter Nail Polish

Hi there! Today I'm wearing another Sation nail polish and it is KILLER! (that's a good thing)  Sation recently released a collection of "Multi-glitters" that are so unique and interesting, they rival even the most popular "indie" polishes in my opinion!

"Honey Badger" is described on the Miss Professional Nail website as "a wild honey and mahogoney glitter medley in a clear base":

Here's one layer on top of a black creme:

'Honey' is the perfect way to describe the overall color of this glitter. You can also see orange and some reddish/mahogany teeney flecks, with larger "day glow" green colored hexes, as well as shard glitters in different yellow & orange tones.  Paired with the black base, it gives a very "Halloweenish" vibe and is perfect for this time of year! Really easy application on this glitter as well.

"Money Badger" and the rest of the glitters can be found here on the Miss Professional Nail site  where they retail for $7 each.

(Don't forget to check out my Sation post from yesterday featuring "Gimme Jimi" as well!)

What do you think of this glitter?!

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Sation Nailstock Collection: "Gimme Jimi" Nail Polish Pictures

I'm so excited about the polish I am showing you today. This is the very first Sation nail polish I've ever tried, and it is a simply gorgeous color!

"Gimme Jimi", from Sation's "Nailstock" collection (inspired by Woodstock- what a great theme!) is described as, "a hazy psychedelic purple with dark grey flecks".  What a perfect color choice to call to mind "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix!
Here's 2 layers of polish in a multitude of pictures. I couldn't stop because depending on the lighting, the bluish-grayish purple duochrome would change:

I loved how saturated this color was. I am used to colors like these (shimmery duochromes) that take 3 or 4 layers to build up color.  This was just 2 layers and so easy to apply!

Where can you get your hands on this beautiful polish?  The Miss Professional Nail (maker of Sation) website has this collection and the polishes are only $5 each which is a great price point, in my opinion.

Stay tuned- I will post more from the Nailstock collection later this week!

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Twinsie Tuesday: Triple Layer Experiment

Hi there! It's Tuesday, so you know what that means, right?

It's Twinsie time ;-)  This week's theme was "triple layer experiement". The premise was to take 3 polishes, either at random or perhaps ones that you wouldn't think to normally put together and layer them.

While organizing my polish drawers, I decided to take this opportunity to use some colors that I haven't reached for in awhile. I went with all Essies for my experiment:

I normally wouldn't pair these together, but it came out kind of cool!

I started with 1 layer of "Very Structured", then topped that with one layer of "Pure Pearlfection", then one layer of "A Cut Above":

And just so you can see the steps, here is "Very Structured" (Fall 2011) by itself:

And here's "Pure Pearlfection" on top:

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