Sation Glitter 1 Collection: "For Better Or Never" Nail Polish

Hey there! Here is one more fabulous glitter polish from Sation's Glitter 1 Collection! "For Better Or Never" is described on the Miss Professional Nail site as "peachy glitter dotted with gray and blue sparkling studs". Sounds cool, right?  It is!  Just look:

I was surprised to find that this polish was opaque enough to wear by itself....here's 3 layers:

Once again, I cannot stress enough how much I love the uniqueness of Sation's Glitter 1 collection! (See the others, Money Badger-here, and Go-Glitter Girl here). The formulas are great, the brushes easy to use, and the color combinations are spectacular!

What do you think of "For Better Or Never"?

***Disclaimer: Products in this post were provided for review***


  1. I am loving that colour. Especially all the glitter in it

  2. Oh wow, I love this! It gives an instant layered look--awesome!

  3. The glitter isn't really my thing, but I do love that coral jelly base!

  4. This color is SO gorgeous, I can't believe I haven't seen this before !

  5. This is gorgeous! I can't wait to try some Sation!!!!